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Jet-setters and homebodies unite – we’re here to spill the tea on the jam-packed roster of events this summer has in store for you…

So, you’ve read what is going to happen in your career, and what’s next in your love life, but what about your time as a student? The experts at Yugo, the global student housing brand and operator, have delved deep into their crystal balls to discover what type of student you are, based on your zodiac sign.

If you believe that the planets and stars truly do have an impact on our lives, or if you simply enjoy reading about different perspectives on your daily routine (we get it), these unexpected horoscope predictions are about to re-shape your summer. Whether you’re a socialite Gemini, or a well organised Pisces - here is what the next term has in store for you…


Hey there, Aries. You are a daring and adventurous individual, so it comes as no surprise to you that you are willing to take big risks for even bigger rewards. Studying in the library at 3am to ace the test the next morning? Check. Verging off brief on your assignments to showcase your true talents? Check. You are loud and proud about your achievements – and we love to see it!

Summer break prediction: Get ready for a summer of adventure, we’re seeing tons of travel in your future. 


Well hello there, Taurus! We’re surprised you’re even reading this – didn’t you have a motivational pep-talk booked in with your course mates? Your comforting aura draws in your peers and allows them to be their best selves – but who is there for you, dear Taurus? Sometimes, you need a little TLC too, and we fear you don’t often take time to prioritise yourself. Remember, university is a personal journey, as well as a social one!

Summer break prediction: We can see that we have inspired you – your summer is going to be full of self-care. Your autumn term classmates aren’t ready for your glow up!


Oh hi Gemini, welcome to the gathering. We mean your gathering, of course – as you are always the life and soul of the party. From pre-drinks at Wetherspoons, to student night at the local club, you are always first one in, and last one out. We admire your stamina, and your commitment to the vibe – you always take the time to ensure everybody is having a great time. Top points.

Summer break prediction: Party, club, bar, party, club, bar, pub, pub, pub, pub, bar.


Hey hey, Cancer. We’d put a bet on the fact that you are feeling sentimental today. Your emotional and nostalgic traits mean that you love to make memories, and collect all of the tangible assets you can to keep the moments alive. Train tickets, polaroids, concert confetti, and handwritten letters are your love language – especially those low-key notes your friends pass around during lectures. We’d take a bet that you favour a trusty notebook over your laptop any day! Ahh, memories…

Summer break prediction: We bet you’re going to be on the first train back to see your family in the flesh. Enjoy those home luxuries, Cancer!


Well hello there, Leo. Glitz, glamour, and all things shiny are your forte - so we’re not surprised that you are the queen (or king) of interior design when it comes to your student accommodation. Twinkly fairy lights, velvet soft furnishings, and rhinestone embellished Starbucks cups are your guilty pleasures, and we are living for the looks you create. Your room is the envy of all of your flatmates, and that is exactly the way you like it.

Summer break prediction: Monaco, Barbados, the Amalfi Coast – wherever you are holidaying this summer, we bet you will be doing it in STYLE. Get the sunnies out, you’re going to need them.


Hey Virgo. We know you are a lover of the simple life, so we’ll keep this short and sweet. You’re here to learn, and learn you will. You attend your lectures, complete your coursework early, and ace every exam you take – and you always do it with a fuss free (but perfectionist!) attitude. The ‘no frills’ lifestyle really is for you, and we love that you stick by that unconditionally.

Summer break prediction: You’ve been scouring SkyScanner for the best part of the past six-months to find the best value flights, and oh boy did you find them. Enjoy that £9.99 flight to Barcelona – it will be worth it when you get there!


Howdy there, Libra. Now we don’t want to offend you, but you are the most indecisive star sign we have ever met. You don’t know if you want to study medicine or marketing, and you’re already six months into your course. We love your spontaneous nature, but please – take some time to discover what your true calling is. Your future self is on the phone, and they thank you.

Summer break prediction: You’re not sure where you’re heading, we’re not sure where you’re heading. That is the beauty of your impulsiveness. Whatever you get up to this summer, we know you are going to have an incredible time. You always pull something out of the bag.


Hello, dear Scorpio. You are one of the most thoughtful signs of the zodiac, meaning you put extra effort into all of your relationships. From coursework buddies, to flatmate besties, to partners in crime - your university experience is all about creating memories with your nearest and dearest that you will recite to your grandkids in your old age. Remember that time when we climbed all 25 floors of the student accommodation flats and nearly passed out?

Summer break prediction: We bet you are off on a romantic getaway with your soulmate this summer, whether that is with your loving partner, or your beautiful bestie.


Bonjour Sagittarius. Above all else, you love being outside in nature. Whether you are frolicking by the sea, or reading your textbooks on top of a mountain after a sunrise hike, you enjoy nothing more than the serenity of the great outdoors. Take a leaf out of our book and start studying alfresco (weather permitting) – it’s a great way to get your vitamin D in!

Summer break prediction: Sea, sand, sun – why would you be anywhere else? We’re sure we will spot you at every beach possible this summer, whether that’s in Blackpool or Bora Bora. A beach is a beach, right?


What’s up, Capricorn! It’s nice to see you without your head deep in a book, for once. We know you are a lover of language and words, so it is no coincidence that you excel in research-based tasks. We bet you’ve already started your dissertation, haven’t you? Being the bookworm you are, you love to share knowledge with your course mates, and they love to hear your thoughts. Sharing is caring, Capricorn.

Summer break prediction: Your summer reading goal was 10 books, but you smashed that by February 1st. So, this summer, your lifestyle will be the true fairy-tale – with castles, history, knights, and dragons a-plenty. We bet you are going to become the ultimate tourist, and we love that for you.


Greetings, fellow Aquarius. Despite your busy lifestyle, you live by the mantra that calm is cool. You are obsessed with relaxing, and meditation is at the top of your to do list each morning before a day of studying. You’re all about investing in ‘you’ time, whether that is through yoga, journaling, or mindfulness – and we wish we were more like you! Keep being selfish, and always remember that you are your own number one fan.

Summer break prediction: Summer self-care is here, and you are READY for it. You have a full roster of yoga classes and respite retreats planned, and a brand-new skincare routine ready to go. Serenity incoming…


And finally, our favourite Pisces. We know that you love being as organised as possible in a world that can often feel chaotic, so prioritising a consistent routine is important to you. Planning ahead makes you feel calm, and having a structured week helps you to feel on top of all of your responsibilities (including socialising and having fun). Don’t feel like a Debbie downer, we’re proud of you for giving your university life the organisation it deserves. You achieve the perfect balance of work and play, and we’re envious.

Summer break prediction: This summer, you’ve broken out of the mould and are taking the spontaneous route. It’s a scary thing for you, but you are about to embark on your best adventure yet, and you don’t even know it!

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