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Be a Sustainability Champion


There are 3 ways to join The Yugo Movement and start making the world a better place.

Not sure which level to go for? It’s all about the time and commitment you want to give – and the big rewards you’ll get in exchange!


Still not sure? Find out more…

Join The Yugo Movement Alumni
Find your worldwide tribe. A unique chance to learn from different cultures, access valuable resources, and expand your network and horizons far beyond your studies.

Personal branding workshop
Be an influencer with impact. Get the tools and strategies you need to share your sustainability goals and values with your personal and professional networks. 

Sustainability training
What changes can you make to live a more sustainable life? If you’re just starting out on a greener path, this training gives you the essential know-how.

Want to take it further? Get certified with our Carbon Literacy Training. See below.

Be a part of our monthly focus Group
Join other Change Drivers and Leaders from around the world for a virtual meeting to share your ideas and successes – and brush up on your presentation skills!

The Yugo Movement Swag reward
Show of your Yugo Movement spirit, on and off campus! You’ll need to attend at least two focus groups to claim your exclusive branded jumper.

LinkedIn recommendation
Run a Yugo Movement campaign and one of our senior leaders will give you the recognition you deserve. A powerful way to boost your credibility as a Change Leader.

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Kickstart your career

The Yugo Movement Internship Program

Ready to lead the sustainability movement?

A mix of experiential learning and personal growth, our unique Internship Program helps you make a positive impact on the planet – and your professional future.

Become a Change Leader
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Unlock the Power of Sustainable Change with

Our Carbon Literacy Training Program

Join The Yugo Movement at any level and get access to our certified Carbon Literacy Training Program! A deep dive into carbon emissions and how to cut them.

Level up your sustainability game
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Show off your Yugo Movement spirit on and off campus with style!

To be eligible for The Yugo Movement Swag reward:

• must be in the Change Driver or Change Leader Tier

• must attend a minimum of two focus group sessions.

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Your ticket to success:

Elevate your career potential with The Yugo Movement Alumni

You'll have the chance to learn from diverse experiences, access valuable resources, and expand your horizons beyond university! With our global reach, you can connect with like-minded people from different parts of the world, understand different cultures and ways of thinking, and explore professional norms worldwide.

Find Your Tribe: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainability!

Join our Yugo Alumni Program