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The Top 10 Upcoming Student Events in Seville

Studying in Seville and looking to make the most of your free time?

Best get your calendar out - there are lots of things to do in this beautiful city, and only 24 hours in a day! 

Whether you’re up for a party, a festival, a procession, or pure theatre, Seville knows how to put on a show with class, drama, passion, and flair.

The Andalusian capital annually hosts some mind- blowing events to engage just about everyone, whether they revolve around religion, art, sports, dancing, gastronomy, or entertainment.

Here’s just a sample of the best upcoming student events in Seville.

1. Erasmus Club Sevilla Events

When it comes to student events in Seville, the Erasmus Club should definitely be one of your first ports of call. 

They organise lots of events and parties, as well as some exciting day trips and holidays to places like Morocco, Portugal, and the north of Spain.

It’s also a fantastic way to make new friends and widen your social circle in Seville!

The Erasmus Student Network exists to unite international students living abroad and facilitate integration by socio-cultural events and trips.

In 2023, ESN is organising the National Event in Seville, a meeting of all the Erasmus clubs throughout Spain.

The National Event will last 3 days, from the 16th to the 19th of October, and there’ll be fun activities to participate in, such as parties and guided tours of the city’s monuments.

Participating in this event will really help you to understand Sevillano life and culture, while sampling delicious Andalusían gastronomy and meeting international students studying in other parts of Spain (did someone mention a trip for spring break?!).

2. Día de Andalucía - Andalusia Day

The 28th February is Andalucia Day, a day which celebrates the signing of the 1980 statute which made Andalusia an autonomous community.

On this day, there are parties and get-togethers across the whole of Andalusia, and Seville is no exception.

Some of the bigger nightclubs have special themed parties where everyone dresses up in green and white - the colours of Andalusia - and the night ends with the singing of the Himno de Andalucia.

So grab your Yugo flatmates and join in this carnaval-esque atmosphere.

Speaking of carnaval, although not in Seville, the Carnaval of Cadiz is well worth checking out if you’re into partying. It happens every spring - everyone dresses up in costumes and takes to the streets to spend entire days eating and drinking while listening to chirigotas singing funny satirical songs. You can get there via bus from the Estacion de Santa Justa, and the Erasmus Club also organises excursions. Well worth seeing at least once!

3. Semana Santa - Holy Week

Now, if you’re going to talk about events in Seville you absolutely cannot omit mention of Semana Santa.

Seville is famous for its extravagant and profoundly passionate celebration of Holy Week, with its daily processions run by the various confraternities in the churches of the cities.

This is no average church procession we’re talking about. The ENTIRE city comes out to watch some of the most emotive, stunning spectacles that you will ever see; art, music, incense, lights, religion, food and drink all assaulting your senses with their utter beauty.

Oh, and don’t get freaked out by the daunting pointy hats that the participants wear - these ‘capirotes’ predate by centuries anything that might spring to mind when you see them, and have absolutely no connection to them!

Semana Santa really is one of the weeks that defines not only Seville, but Spanish culture, so if you’re looking for special events in Seville, make sure that you experience this one. You’ll never forget it. 

4. Feria de abril - April Fair

Once Semana Santa has passed, everyone in the city starts gearing up for the other defining event of the year: the April Fair.

La Feria de Abril perfectly demonstrates just how extravagant Seville is. It’s a week-long party set up in a field in the neighbourhood of Los Remedios.

Originally a simple livestock fair in the nineteenth century, now it’s an explosion of excitement, colour and energy. 

The Feria kicks off with a new year’s type countdown before the streets and the main entry portal to the fair are lit up with colourful lights.

The women dress in gorgeous traditional flamenco dresses while the men get fully suited and booted, to spend time in one of the hundreds of casetas (marquee-type huts), drinking and eating, and dancing the traditional ‘Sevillanas’ dance.

Near the main site, there’s also a funfair with all the attractions you’d expect, and on the final night there are fireworks displays.

Beware of the typical drink of the feria - rebujitos - they are sweet and taste like lemonade, but they are super strong and cause deadly hangovers!

It’s a good idea to go to the Feria with Sevillanos, if you know any, so that they can let you spend time in their caseta (most are members- and- invitation-only). If you don’t, you can still go with your international uni mates to one of the public casetas run by the city council, and eat, drink and dance until dawn.

While not strictly classed as student events in Seville, Semana Santa and the feria are by far the most iconic things to see here, and you’ll be living the Andalusian dream so hard you won’t want it to end!

5. La Velá de Santa Ana

Yes, it’s another party in Seville!

Seville loves any excuse to have a celebration, and July’s Velá de Santa Ana is the excuse in the summer.

The neighbourhood of Triana is generally a great place to go to restaurants and have drinks in bars, but during this special festival the atmosphere ramps up to another level.

The riverside street of Calle Betis is lit up with pretty lights and lined with casetas, similar to the Feria, but these casetas are for public access, making it one of the best student events in Seville.

Food, drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere in one of the most picturesque parts of the city. Make sure you check out la cucaña - a daily spectacular where groups of boys try to run to grab a flag on the end of a slippery pole attached to the boat they’re on- usually ending up belly-flopping into the water, to the delight of the crowds!

6. Nights in the Gardens of the Real Alcázar

When summer comes around and uni finishes, one of the best ways to spend those long balmy summer nights is to attend the music concerts in the stunning palace grounds of the Real Alcazar, the ancient moorish palace in the city.

Concerts run from June to September.

7. 21 Grados

If you’re interested in poetry, flamenco, and music, then you’ll love this. One of the most interesting student events in Seville, 21 Grados (21 Degrees), is organised by the university’s CICUS (Centre for Cultural Initiatives) and takes place in August. A real treat to unwind before lectures start up again in September.

8. Student Jobs Fair Oct 2023 

Whether you’re looking to get a part-time job while you’re studying at uni, or you want to scope out graduate job opportunities for the future, then this should be one of the student events in Seville that you attend.

Speaking to potential employers face to face is one of the most effective ways to find a job, particularly in a place like Andalusia, where human contact and networking is usually valued over paper or online applications.

Multiple sectors will be present, and if you have a ticket you’ll be sent a list of companies attending. 

On that note, there’s also the chance to participate in this 4 week internship during your stay in Seville - take a look, it could be for you.

9. UniTour International University Fair 

If you’re sold on Seville but still not sure which uni is for you, this is one of the best student events in Seville, where you have a chance to meet people from each of the universities and associated institutions. 

Held at a hotel in the district of Nervion, you can even meet us at the fair! We’d love to meet with you, so make sure you come along - it’s free entry and open to the public!

10. Other not-to-be-missed student events in Seville

Aside from these staple events that mark the passage of time each year, there are others that should also not be missed.

Electronic Lunches at CAAC  ( the Centre for Contemporary Art in Andalusia) are a regular celebration of live music from bands and DJ sets, food, workshops, and friends. A great one for releasing the tension in revision season, and located right on the doorstep of our Cartuja residence!

Iconica is a big music festival that descends on Seville annually, with big names and even bigger tunes. This year it falls in June, and is set to be one of the biggest live events of the year. Make sure you get a ticket in advance.

The Festival of Nations in the Maria Luisa Park revels in diversity, with food stalls from all over the world and live music performances. Free to attend and bags of fun!

So now you know of these student events in Seville, all that remains is to get them pencilled into your diary! You’ll love stepping out in this stunning city. And the best part? When you live with us here at Yugo you get to call Seville your home!