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Student Accommodation in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

South 3rd Lofts is conveniently located just minutes from the UIUC campus. The Main Quad is a 15-minute walk away, and the undergraduate library is just one mile away. Popular bars and restaurants of Green Street are even closer, less than 10 minutes on foot. Cheer on the fighting Illinois basketball team at State Farm Center, a five-minute drive from South 3rd Lofts. Closer to home, stock up on groceries and snacks at County Market across the street, or play Frisbee in tree-lined Scott Park, which neighbors South 3rd Lofts.

1 space in Champaign, IL


    Yugo Champaign South 3rd Lofts

    Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain, so pardon our appearance while we make some changes! South 3rd is getting a complete renovation, and if you’re coming to college to make some great memories then this is where its at!

    As you walk in, you’re met with comfy couches and a shiny new kitchen. The perfect spot to hangout with friends on Taco Tuesday, or for a game viewing party! Champaign South 3rd Lofts is fully furnished with a microwave, washer, and dryer with utilities included ($20 electricity cap). 

    Pass out in your room after a long day with your own double bed or enjoy some late night gaming at your desk (after studying of course).

    There’s no better place to spend your 2023/24 school season!

    Closest university: University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign

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