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How spring-cleaning becomes a piece of cake

As soon as the birds chirp outside in the morning, the days get longer again and the sun's rays make the dust particles visible in the air, the annual spring fever arises: Outside everything becomes fresh and green. Time for things to get fresh inside your apartment, too. But where is the best place to start fighting winter dust, grey windows etc.? Only strategic action helps, for example with our 6 tips that we have put together for you.

1. Checklists are not just for studying

Spring-cleaning is easiest for you if you schedule a specific day for it. This way you can get mentally ready for it. It is best to make a spring-cleaning plan and a list, which utensils you need for this and which you may have to get a few days beforehand. For example, the following are important:

• Cleaning rags (for the floor, for dust and one for the bathroom and one for the toilet), cleaning bucket, microfiber cloth, kitchen roll

• If necessary, old toothbrushes for the tight spaces or joints

• Cleaning agents such as glass and all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners and possibly scouring milk for persistent marks

• Rubber gloves

• Vacuum cleaner, broom and mop

If you want to do without aggressive chemicals, you can use household cleaners such as soda, vinegar and citric acid for cleaning or look for organic cleaners in the store. Many consist only of natural ingredients and do not irritate your airways. Actually, soda is an inexpensive all-rounder. It helps against lime spots, bad smells, insects on window panes and much more.

But back to our spring cleaning schedule. After the utensils, you list the different areas that you want to gradually clean:

• Living & sleeping area

• Kitchen

• Bath

Don't forget to tick off your checklist little by little. Then you not only have the to-do's out of your head, but you can also see how your list gets smaller and smaller.

2. Self-motivation is half the battle

Sure, not all of us enjoy housework and get excited when we smell vinegar cleaners. In order for you to still have fun, listen to your favourite playlist or songs that you last heard years ago. This will make cleaning so much easier – we speak from our own experience 😉

It is best to start with the spring-cleaning right after breakfast, because at this point you’ll probably have the most drive to do so. The later it gets, the more friends or the couch call.

3. Tidying up creates space

The first thing you should do is tidy up – this applies to all rooms! All objects lying around are brought back to their usual place, the wardrobe is cleaned out if necessary and the thick winter jacket is stowed away. Dirty laundry and old towels are put in the washing machine. Old documents for university that you no longer need can be disposed of. You can put borrowed books ready for return.

And while you’re at it, you can start mucking out. For example, the Christmas decoration that’s been out for months now and other dust catchers or clothes that you never really liked. The bathroom cabinet usually offers great potential. 80/20 is the average ratio of things you don't need vs. things you need. So out with the 80 percent that take up unnecessary space.

And you can already feel while you are clearing: This not only creates space and tidiness in the apartment, but also in your head.

4. Cleanliness with a system

Work from area to area. It is best to start with the living and sleeping area, since you spent most your time there and there is probably the most to do.

After tidying up, dust bunnies become even more visible. It is best to work your way through the dust from the top surfaces downwards. And remember: Dust really is everywhere. In the radiators, on the furniture and plants, books, shelves and even in drawers. And don't forget the baseboards!

After you’ve battled the dust, it’s time for the windows. Spray the glass cleaner from top to bottom on the window panes (inside and outside) and then wipe the windows with a damp cloth from top to bottom and left to right. In the end, the famous streak-free shine can be achieved with the help of nylon tights, newspaper, a kitchen roll or a glass towel (you can get them for a low price at your local store). You wet the glass cloth with cold water, wring it out drip-free and wipe the window – and there will be no streaks at the end.

Then, depending on the flooring, vacuum cleaners and mops are used. When vacuuming, also remember to move large pieces of furniture. Dust and small parts like to collect under these (if you are looking for your scrunchy again: it might have been hiding there 😉). When wiping with a damp cloth, make sure that you don't use too much water so that the floor does not swell and can dry faster.

5. Fine tuning in the bathroom and kitchenette

The next step is the bathroom and the kitchenette – ideally in this order, since you will certainly have to go to the kitchen area more often to get cleaning agents or change the water. Back to the bathroom: make sure that you use extra rags for the bathroom (especially for the toilet). In addition to the sink, the shower should also be scrubbed and the toilet cleaned thoroughly. Limestone marks on fittings can also be tackled as part of spring-cleaning. With vinegar, cola or toothpaste you can easily use proven home remedies 😊

The last thing to do is take care of the kitchenette. Check out the drawers and cupboards. In addition to dust and crumbs, long expired foodstuff tends to collect here. Thoroughly clean the back of the kitchen from grease splashes. You can tackle the patina in your microwave with simple household remedies: fill a cup halfway with water and add two tablespoons of vinegar. The mixture is then heated in the microwave at the highest level for two to five minutes. Just wipe the inside of the microwave with a damp cloth and you're done. You should also wipe your fridge from time to time with vinegar water and defrost the freezer if necessary. It would be a good idea to so that while spring-cleaning!

6. Enjoy yourself

After all the cleaning, it is now time for a break on the sofa to enjoy the tidy, fresh atmosphere. And if you still have energy, bring some colour and nature into the room with a flower bouquet or a potted plant to increase the spring feeling. Go ahead and start planning – and get ready for spring! Enjoy 😊

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