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Yugo Unveils Barbie-Inspired Student Accommodation

United Kingdom, 19th July 2023: With Google searches of Barbie doubling since June and the official film release now just days away, Yugo, a leading provider of student accommodation, has reimagined a collection of unique student accommodation facilities inspired by the iconic Barbie Dream Home. 

Designed to bring the magic of Barbie to life, these extraordinary images combine imagination and functionality. Drawing inspiration from real Yugo properties across the country, each residence has been playfully transformed into a Malibu-inspired haven, complete with quirky designs and luxurious interiors adorned in the unmistakable Barbie Pink. 


The Barbie-inspired accommodation showcases a world of style, elegance, and endless possibilities. The bedrooms have been thoughtfully designed to evoke Barbie's impeccable taste, featuring chic furniture and glamorous accessories. Each room becomes a personal sanctuary with a unique sense of style that perfectly encapsulates Barbie’s personality. 


The sport facilities across the properties have also been reimagined with an ode to Barbie’s healthy lifestyle. With state-of-the-art equipment that finds the perfect balance between style and functionality. 


Whilst the above is a playful imagination of Barbie-esque accommodation, students looking for their own best-in-class accommodation need look no further than Yugo's premier properties around the country, including in major student hubs like Nottingham, Lancaster, Lincoln, Liverpool, and Norwich. These impressive residences are now available to rent for the upcoming academic year.