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United States of America

Student housing in Pullman, Washington

The perfect blend of small-town charm and big outdoor adventures. Pullman’s perfected that laid-back vibe with eclectic coffee shops, a small but lively arts scene and a bustling downtown area stuffed full of shops and restaurants. Want live music? You’ll find it in cozy cafés, pubs and bars, and if you’re a Cougars fan, the Martin Stadium is the place to see them in action. This is also Palouse Country, which means miles of Insta-worth scenery, for hiking, biking and generally giving yourself a break.

1 space in Pullman, WA

  • Waived signing fees!

    Yugo Pullman Hills

    Who’d choose a dorm when you can have a townhouse with a lawn and your own private porch? It’s worth asking the question, particularly when there’s also a free shuttle bus to campus. And we should mention the full access you'll get to a yoga studio, gym, pool AND hot tub.

    Want to make some new connections? Our clubhouse, coffee house and TV lounge can all work wonders for your social life. Or bring your pet – they’re welcome too – and a great way to make new friends!

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