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Introduction To Student Housing In Minnesota

If you are looking to move to Minnesota to study, but want to find more about the accommodation options open to you, you’re in the right place!

Minnesota has a large student population, hosting several esteemed universities and colleges such as the University of Minnesota and Saint Paul College. And, with a bustling student population, also comes a selection of different student accommodation options – including our very own The Edge luxury apartments. More on these, later!

Minnesota is not just a place to study – it’s a place to live, too. Picture parks to chill in, yummy food spots to explore, and tons of cool events and concerts to check out. Plus, the people here are super friendly, so you'll feel right at home.

So, whether you're hitting the books or taking to the town, Minnesota's got you covered!

Exploring The Edge Apartments

So, you think Minnesota is right for you. But, where are you going to live? Introducing, The Edge luxury apartments…


If the thought of waking up for an 8am lecture and commuting across the city gives you nightmares, look no further than The Edge luxury apartments. Just a 10-minute walk from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, and a 20-minute stroll from the UoM library, the building is in a great location for students.

But, as we mentioned, student life is not all about studying! In the surrounding areas, you’ll find great shops (including a Target, Walgreens, and CVS for all of your everyday shopping), delicious eateries, and fun activities to enjoy – including the Huntingdon Bank Stadium. Go Gophers!


The Edge apartments are great for those who want a little luxury, and a lotta’ low maintenance. With everything you could need on-site, including a fitness center, coffee bar, social spaces, and even a newly refurbished rooftop terrace – The Edge is truly THE place to be for Minnesota students.

Plus, all rooms come fully furnished, and high-speed Wi-Fi and safe controlled access to the building is included in your stay.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Student Housing

Picking the perfect student housing can level up your university experience. Imagine living somewhere cozy and convenient, close to campus, and just a stone’s throw away from all of the fun stuff. When you're not worrying about long commutes or noisy neighbours, you've got more time to focus on your studies and enjoy your new city.

The Edge luxury apartments offers safety, convenience, and community to all of its residents – creating the ideal place for UoM students to call home. You can also check out our other Minneapolis accommodation spaces – 412 Lofts, and Sydney Hall – to see which one suits you best!

Student Housing University of Minnesota: What to Look For

When looking for student accommodation in Minnesota, you’re going to want to look for certain things. Consider:

Alongside this, you’re also going to want to consider things like price and lease terms.  For example, if you are looking to live independently, a one bed, one bath room is going to be ideal for you. However, if you are looking to bunk with a roomie, a two bed, two bath room might save you a little extra per month.


So, you’ve decided you’re ready to move to Minnesota. And, hopefully after reading this page, you’re a little more aligned with what type of accommodation you want to stay in. Remember, spending a little extra time searching for the perfect space for you is important – as it will be your new home, after all!

To find out more about The Edge luxury apartments, check out this page.

Wishing you the best of luck on your university journey!