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Nexo Residencias Team

Get to know our team

Take a look at these handsome faces, and remember these beautiful people. We are working for you!

Place to shine

Whatever line of work you’re in, imagine yourself in a role you love, working with enthusiastic, friendly colleagues and supportive, people-focused managers who are constantly looking to improve our service. And having students from all over the world as our customers means we work for some of the most interesting, vibrant and friendly people around. All that within a multi-award-winning company with amazing levels of employee engagement and ambitions for growth that match your own. Well, welcome to The Student Housing Company – be prepared to be inspired, challenged and developed.

We really mean it when we say that our people are the key to our success – we’ve got big plans, and we need our enthusiastic, diverse, forward-thinking people to help take us there.

We’re absolutely convinced that our people are at their best when they’re challenged, confident, constantly learning and feel valued and supported – although we work hard, it doesn’t feel like hard work! So, whether you want to develop your career or want to be the absolute best at what you love doing right now – if you know what it is you want, we’ll help you get it.

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