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Do I have to pay for full tenancy if my child finishes university early?

Yes, you have to pay until the full contract date. If you can't fulfill these dates then you have to find a replacement student to take over your tenancy.

What do I do if I can't contact my child once they have moved in?

Due to GDPR, we cannot confirm whether the student lives with us. However, if you contact us and provide us with their name we can do a wellbeing check and ask the student to contact you. GDPR restrictions also prevent us from being able to contact you once we have spoken to the student. 

What happens at check in?

Close to the time, the residence team will contact the student with all the information they'll need for checking into their new home.

Can I have emails and other communications sent to me rather than the student?

Due to the tenancy being in the students name, all correspondence has to go to them.

Can students have guests?

As per their tenancy agreement students are allowed a guest for 2 consecutive nights with a 7 day gap. We always ask students living in a communal flat to let their flat mates know as a common courtesy.

Can we arrange an alternate payment plan?

We're happy to work with our students to create a payment plan that's affordable for them. To arrange any alternate payment plans, please contact the site team directly

How do you allocate who gets what cupboard in the shared kitchens?

The kitchens are the students' space, and we encourage them to speak to their flat mates to arrange who stores their items where.

Can I stay with my child for the first few nights or during their time here? 

We would recommend you book a local hotel B&B nearby so you are close but not in the apartment, this will help your child settle in but know you are close by and there to buy them dinner. All our students are allowed to have guests as per their License Agreement. Students are allowed a guest for 2 consecutive nights with a 7 day gap. We always ask students living in a communal flat to let their flat mates know out of courtesy.

What happens if there are maintenance issues in the flat?

You son/daughter will be able to raise a maintenance request directly on the APP, or by reporting it to reception.

The flat mates my child lives with are dirty / noisy. What can be done about this?

Firstly we advise the students to deal with these situations peer-to-peer. If this does not resolve the matter we can mediate and monitor the situation to support finding a resolution.

Is there parking when I drop my child off? 

Not always. Please contact the residence where your child will be staying directly to discuss parking for drops offs as each site is different.

Does my child need to purchase a TV License?

Yes, if they are planning to watch any live TV or catch up services. In the UK, anyone watching broadcast TV channels is required to purchase a TV license, regardless of what device they are viewing TV on. If they are in a shared flat this is something they will need to discuss with each other. 

Can I order a food shop to be delivered to the space?

Yes. But please ensure that any packages sent show your child's name and contact number so the delivery driver can contact them as we are unable to store their shopping.

I'm the guarantor for my son/daughter. Will I need to have a credit check?

No, there will be no Credit checks but their guarantor must be based in the UK.