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Our student rooms in Leonis


Yugo Leonis

Geiststraße 2

48151 Münster


E: [email protected]

T: 49 (0) 1602214513

Welcome to our cozy attic rooms with unbeatable city views - the epitome of extra-cosy studio living at Leonis! But don't worry, if attics aren't your thing, we have a whopping 175 apartments to choose from,with allinclusive rent. Plus, you'll have access to our study room, gym, and the ultimate social hub, The Dome.

Now, let's talk about Münster - a city that truly embraces the student life ethos. With its vibrant university and bustling city centre just minutes away, getting around is a breeze. Whether you're a fan of Picasso or pizza, Baroque architecture or late-night bars, Münster caters to every taste and interest.

Picture yourself strolling through the historic streets, soaking in the artistic ambiance, or grabbing a slice of authentic pizza with friends. And when it's time to hit the books, our study room provides the perfect quiet haven for focused study sessions. 

So why wait? Come experience the best of Münster's student life at Leonis, where every moment is an opportunity for adventure and connection.

Münster 2 copy

Office Hours

Monday - Friday:

9:00am - 5:00pm

Contact us at:

Tel: +49 160 2214513 | Email: [email protected]

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