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Birmingham: la millor guia de la ciutat estudiantil

Birmingham: la segona ciutat del Regne Unit, i cap lloc millor per a ser estudiant (bé, això és el que dirien). No obstant això, no tot són Baltis, vida nocturna i Peaky Blinders: aquesta ciutat compta amb un patrimoni ocult, amb molt per descobrir fora de les aules. Aquí tens la guia urbana definitiva...

Flamin’ Hot Balti Belt

It’s not all Balti in Birmingham, but it wouldn’t be a newbie’s guide to the affectionately nicknamed, Brum without mentioning the fact that the city is home to some of the UK’s best curry houses in the city’s ‘Balti Belt’; an area famed for its creamy Kormas, perfect Poppadoms and very-hot Vindaloos at bargain prices. The Balti Belt is perfect for grabbing a hearty meal on a student budget.

Arts & Culture

Brummies might not be widely known for their refined cultural tastes, but their residing city does quietly host some of the UK’s finest galleries and museums. If you love a bit of culture, while saving the pennies then you’re in luck, as most of the best exhibitions at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery are in fact free to visit, and a great day out.

Boozy Brum

After countless hours of lectures, every student is entitled to great nightlife – and Brum doesn’t disappoint. From Broad St’s endless bars (including student staples, Walkabout and Revolution), to the ever-popular China Town’s numerous watering-holes and not to mention, Indie-haven, Snobs. You’re sure to find thrifty student offers, most nights of the week.

Brummy Bibliotheque

If you want to supercharge your studying, take a break from your campus library and head to Birmingham Library – home to over one million public volumes, and the largest public library in the UK. Not to mention that the newly refurbished building, itself, is a sight to behold.

Cute Cafés

Looking for an instagrammable café, to enjoy your daily soy latte without stopping in at a saturated coffee-chain? Look no further – some of the best places to study and refuel outside of your campus library are tucked away in convenient corners of Brum. Try Boston Tea Party, Faculty, Saint Caffe or Quarter Horse Café for a great vibe and equally awesome, joe.

Hunt for Hobbits

Lord of The Rings fan? Believe it or not, a lot of the best-selling series’ influences hail from humble Brum. That’s right, author JRR Tolkien resided in Birmingham and later used some of the city’s landscapes to inspire the fictional land. If you fancy exploring the hobbits’ habitat, you can tour the Tolkien trail as well as visit the city’s annual Middle Earth Festival.

These are just a few of the things you can do during your time in Birmingham, as well as enjoying the bustling city centre, just a stone’s throw away from Bentley House

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