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Frequently Asked Questions

Not found the information you were looking for about Fayetteville Dickson or our student housing in Arkansas? You might find the answer in our frequently asked questions.

Q: What are your office hours? 

Yugo Fayetteville Dickson is open Monday-Sunday, seven days a week. We are open from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. M – F; Sat 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. on Sat/Sun. All times are Central Standard Time.

Q: What is the best way to contact the office for questions? 

During our office hours, you may call us at 479-439-1045. You may also email us at [email protected] or stop by and see us during the day!

Q: What if I need to contact you after hours?

Though our community is open seven days a week, there are times that after-hours assistance is needed.

You may call the main office number at 479-439-1045 and follow the prompts through the answering service to handle your request.

Q: How does parking work for residence and guests?

We have an on-site parking garage that our residents may pay to use each year. They will be guaranteed a spot if they pay for one but keep in mind, these spaces are limited. On move-in day they will receive a parking decal to display in their vehicles. They will also receive a fob that grants them access to the gated parking garage.

Guests may park in the designated guest parking spaces. Any vehicles parked illegally or without a proper decal displayed are subject to being towed at the owners’ expense. Should you have difficulty with parking or accessing the garage, please contact the office for assistance.

Q: How does maintenance work at Yugo Fayetteville Dickson?

Our community has a dedicated team of Maintenance professionals on-site. They are available M – F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and can be available after-hours for emergencies (see after-hours protocol below).

Should you have a maintenance request, you may call the office at 479-439-1045 or email us at [email protected] to report a maintenance request.

Should you have an emergency repair needed, such as a major leak or AC/heat outage during the day, we request that you contact our office via phone so that we can ensure your request is handled with priority care.

Q: What if we need maintenance after hours?

Should you need to contact our maintenance team for after-hours emergencies, you may call our office number and follow the answering service prompts to reach an on-call maintenance technician. Please note – only the following items will be considered an emergency that must be tended to overnight: lockouts, broken windows/doors that need to be secured, leaks, AC not working when it is over 80 degrees outside, heat not working when it is colder than 50 outside, and non-working toilets if there is only one toilet available within the apartment. Other standard maintenance requests such as light bulb replacement or appliance repair will be completed during normal business hours.

Q: What kind of security measures are in place? 

We have on-site cameras within the common areas of our clubhouse and amenities. Security complete rounds of the community periodically throughout the day and are available to residents should they need any assistance after hours. They can be reached by utilizing our after-hours answering service.

Each front door has an electronic key fob instead of a manual key. These electronic key fobs ensure that no one can make copies. Further, the software system for the key fobs logs each and every usage of the key to show which resident entered/exited with a date/time stamp. Fobs are deactivated at move-out through the system even if they are not returned to the office. The resident’s individual bedroom doors also have these electronic locks to provide even further peace of mind within the apartment.

The parking garage is gated to provide private access for residents. Further, there are parking decals required for each resident to display to be able to park in our garage. Any vehicles without the appropriate decal will be towed.

Q: How do residents receive mail and packages?

Each resident will be provided with a mailbox for their individual apartment that is shared with their roommates. All letter-sized mail will be delivered to these locked boxes. Each resident will receive a mailbox key at move-in to access these.

Packages are delivered directly to the front office, and our team will intercept and log them within our package system. This notifies the resident via email and/or text message that they have received a package. These packages are then held securely in the office until the resident comes to pick them up. A photo ID is required to verify resident identity before releasing the package to them. Once retrieved, the team will log the package out of the system again, notifying the resident that it has been picked up on that date/time.

Q: What is individual leasing?

Individual leasing means that residents will sign a lease for an individual bedroom within an apartment home. Residents will only be responsible for their portion of the rent and are not responsible should the other rooms in the apartment not rent out or should roommates not pay their rent on time. This does mean that for our multiple bedroom floor plans that you can expect to receive a roommate. However, you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own roommates so that you can choose to live together with others you may know.

Q: What is included in the rent?

Rent includes the apartment, furniture within the apartment, major appliances, cable, internet, water/sewer, and trash.

You also have access to our state of the art amenities – available 24/7 to all residents via secured fob access.

Q: Will the apartment be furnished? What is included in that? 

Yes, all of our apartment homes are fully furnished. You will have a double-sized bed frame and mattress, a side table, a desk, a desk chair, and a dresser in each bedroom. The living room contains a sofa, chair, coffee table, side table, TV stand, and either bar stools or dining table and chairs depending on the floor plan size.

Q: Are there any social events that residents can enjoy at the community? 

Yes! Our community offers a monthly Resident Life program, in which residents can participate in social gatherings, contests, crafts, and more. Residents are encouraged to follow us on social media to stay updated on events and news around the community! They will also receive a monthly newsletter that contains this information as well.