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When you are studying at university, it is common to get a part time job to support your living costs and social life. Money can be tight when you are a student, so any additional income helps. But, we know that not all jobs are made equally. Some offer free food, discounts, company nights out, and even free clothing. So, which student/part time jobs offer the best pay, benefits, flexibility, and street-cred? We’re here to reveal our top five…

Fast food 🍔

We often see horror stories and memes about working in fast food, but it turns out that our favourite speedy restaurants actually offer a great range of benefits and career progression. From a competitive salary, to free meals whilst on shift - places like McDonalds, KFC, and Greggs are great for saving money on the weekly food shop. Plus, if there are any leftovers when the store closes, we heard that you can take them home! Some chains offer additional training and courses that can help to progress your career, too, so it is worth asking about these benefits in your interview stage.

Retail 🛍

If you are a self-confessed shopaholic, working in retail might be for you. Alongside merging your passion with your career, you can also choose a to work store that you love, and then grab yourself a cheeky employee discount! We have seen some stores offer up to 40% off for employees, so it is well worth doing your research and performing a killer interview to secure the bag (literally). Plus, lots of stores offer a monthly/quarterly budget for employees to buy clothes from the store to wear during their shifts, so you may be getting free merchandise, too!

Delivery driver 🚴‍♂️

If you prefer to work on your own terms, and don’t want the pressure of being late to shifts after a long day of lectures, delivery driving might be perfect for you. Whether you choose to work for food delivery services such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, or prefer parcel delivery services like Amazon, they are super easy to sign up to online and get started. All you need is a car (or bike), a license, and a can-do attitude! You can choose your own hours, and work as much or as little as you like. We love flexibility.

Receptionist 📞

Do you thrive in customer facing roles, and love a bit of organisation? A receptionist role might be great for you. With flexible hours, friendly faces, and no physical activity involved, a receptionist job is perfect for students looking for a more laidback, yet still fulfilling, part-time wage. Plus, depending on the company you work for, you could be raking in significantly higher hourly rates than the UK average, and you will be getting used to a corporate surrounding (perfect if your chosen subject is typically an office based one!).

Support worker 👩‍⚕️

If your chosen degree is in the care sector, or if you are the ‘mum friend’ in the group, there is no better place to start your career than as a support worker. This part-time, flexible role will be demanding, but rewarding, and offers one of the most well-paid hourly rates for students on the market. You will need to be understanding and patient with the people who you support, and have a genuine passion for helping people – but for your efforts you will be rewarded both mentally and financially.

So, with five great student jobs to look into, which one are you the most interested in? Remember, a part-time job needs to work alongside your studying, and your studying should always remain the priority. Think about the long term game, rather than the short term rewards…