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While some students are chomping at the bit to get to graduation and start their journey into the world of work, many students are staying that little bit longer and keep learning. In fact, in the 2020/2021 academic year, taught postgraduate course enrolment was up 16% compared to the previous year, so plenty of people are keen to continue their studies. Postgraduate study can offer a lot of benefits, but it’s good to know what it involves before you jump into another year (or more!) of study.

Whether you’re looking to do a Masters, Doctorate, Postgraduate certificate or Postgraduate diploma, the experts here at Yugo have the lowdown on what it’s like to carry on your studies.

What types of postgraduate study are there?

Unlike undergraduate degrees, which all tend to result in a Bachelor’s degree here in the UK, postgraduate studies can result in a couple of different certification.  

How can I fund my postgraduate studies?

Deciding you want to do pursue postgraduate study is one thing – funding it is another! Unlike undergraduate degrees, loans for postgraduate study are a bit harder to come by. However, there are options you can explore:

What’s the benefits of postgraduate study

Postgraduate study gives you the opportunity to take your skills to the next level. The courses are more challenging than undergraduate, and require more independent study than you might be used to.

Postgraduate studies are well suited to students in fields like the arts, humanities, sciences, and technology, as they allow you to specialise and become an expert in a topic. If you’ve got dreams of a doctorate in future, you’ll definitely want to sign up for postgraduate study as well.

For students in more practical or hands-on degrees, such as business, engineering, agriculture, and some medical degrees (nursing or physiotherapy, for example), you might find it better to just jump straight into a job or internship. Remember - you can always return to postgraduate study later if you feel like you want to gain some extra skills and education.

You can also change university for further study! This can be a great opportunity to meet new people, experience a new culture or city, and discover a new way of learning and studying that could be better suited to you.

A postgraduate degree, certificate, or diploma can also help you stand out in the job market – but equally, so will a couple of years of experience working in the field. It all really depends on what career path you’re keen to pursue and what’s most valuable to your future job prospects.

Whatever kind of postgraduate study you end up undertaking, Yugo is here to support you with great student accommodation. Explore our range of locations here.

For more information about Yugo, please visit here.