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The term is now well underway, and things are starting to get hairy. Your lecture notes began the semester looking like beautiful colour-coded typography, and now they are tending to look more like your doctors handwriting. Deadlines and exams are looming. Ah yes, it’s study season.

Studying is, of course, part and parcel with attending university. But, it’s no big secret that some students take it more seriously than others. From finding a quiet secluded area, to creating your very own study playlist – it’s actually been proven that your study space can play a huge role in how effectively you learn [i].

We understand that revising is a very personal process – what works for one may not work for another. So, what does your chosen study space say about you? Yugo, the global student housing brand and operator, reveals all…

The library

Hello, you little traditionalist. If the library is your favourite digs to download on your brain, you are not alone. The library, alongside its convenience, is usually a great atmosphere to grab a spot, get in the zone, and get those brain waves working.

If you are a library lover, we bet you’re an old soul. No, we’re not calling you old. We’re saying we bet you appreciate order, rules, and guidelines to help you structure your schedule. You need a quiet place to concentrate, and a little bit in you loves having the power to call the librarian to ask that rowdy group to settle down anonymously. We see you, and we understand.

The coffee shop

Sorry, you’re too cool for us. If you choose to complete your studies in a coffee shop, we think you’re pretty trendy. You like to get all dressed up in a snazzy outfit, you make sure you bring out your best stationery, and you always have a cheeky iced coffee on the go – you’re an inspiration, but how on earth do you get anything done!?

Studying at the coffee shop can be super overstimulating, that’s why we bet you have a great pair of headphones and a study playlist full of lo-fi beats. You’re nodding right now. No, we’re not psychic.

Your bed

Ah yes, the ‘soft office’, aka your bed. If you are a bed studier, your top priority is comfort. Forget putting on actual trousers, the soft office dress-code is pyjamas, fluffy socks, unbrushed hair, and an oodie for warmth – and that is what you love. You get to control your own environment, from noise levels, to lighting, to temperature. Sweet, sweet solitude.

We reckon you are a bit of an introvert. You love having your own space, and you work better as an individual than in a team. Here is your welcome reminder that you do not have to be social to be successful! You got this.

A study group

Well, hey there, you little socialite. You love any opportunity to get outside and meet new, interesting people. If you attend study groups, we bet that most of the time, you end up spending more time socialising than you do studying. You’re a sucker for a meaty conversation – as long as it doesn’t revolve around the topic of study, of course.

You thrive around other people. When you actually do get around to studying, you bounce off other people’s energy and share valuable wisdom with each other. You’ve got a good thing going – when you actually get around to doing it!

The park

If it isn’t mother nature herself! We’re surprised you are even reading this article, we thought you’d be the sort of person who prefers books and journals over laptops and phones.

When the weather is good, you love nothing more than to grab your favourite blanket, gather a selection of scrummy snacks, and head out into the local greenery to soak up some vitamin D whilst you study. We get it, its super refreshing and calming to hear the wind breeze through the trees. But we have one question, where on earth do you go in the winter? This is an important question. Do you just disappear? Do you study in a giant puffer coat, and a hat and gloves? WE NEED ANSWERS.

Anyways, we hope this article helped you to find out more about yourself, and your preferred way of studying. Whichever way you choose to work, remember that putting in the time and effort is the most important step to ensure success.

To find out more about Yugo and its accommodations in the UK and Worldwide, please visit here.