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Your Move-in Experience

You are excited because you’ll shortly be moving into one of our Uninests? Until then, there are still a few things to do. But don't worry, we are happy to help you with tips on what to consider.

After you have signed your rental contract, your residence team will contact you (by phone, e-mail or via the booking tool) to arrange your move-in date with you.

The move-in

And now the big day is coming up. Your move-in is imminent. Excited? Us too! But we’ll master it all together, because every residence team tries to make your move in as smoothly as possible.

For the check-in, we ask you to bring your ID or passport and proof that you have paid your deposit (a screenshot on your mobile phone is enough for us). Remember: Your paid deposit is your "entry ticket" to the residence.

After completing the formalities at the check-in counter or Management Office, the residence team will accompany you to your new home. You will receive your apartment key and together we will fill out the move-in protocol. We recommend that you check your apartment thoroughly and should you discover something that you have concerns about please contact us. Of course, we always try to hand over each apartment in perfect condition, but it may happen that we overlook a defect, that's just human.

Key in hand, move-in protocol signed? Welcome to our Uninest community! Every resident also receives a copy of the move-in protocol – we can copy it for you in the Management Office or e-mail it to you or you simply take a picture of it with your mobile phone.

Which basics do I need?

Since our apartments are fully furnished, we have saved you from purchasing a large amout of furniture. You may still be wondering which basics you need for your arrival and the first few days in the residence.

Here are a few tips from us:

You’ve arrived and now what?

New city, new country?

No problem, because you are now part of a community of students with many different nationalities. Behind every door in your new home, someone is or was exactly in your situation and surely has a few helpful tips and tricks for you. Just speak to someone or come to the next event in the Residence to get to know other residents. Everyone experiences this phase differently and we have all benefited from the experiences of others. And if you still need help: the Residence team is always there for you. We see many new faces every year and we are always happy to help – there are no stupid questions 😊

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