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The Top 5 Edinburgh Uni Courses According to Students

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is consistently considered one of the most desirable cities to live in. Between the Uni of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier, there are a variety of courses to choose from.

Both universities are within walking distance of Arran House, Brae House and Canal Point, offering a fantastic lifestyle in the city during your studies.

Start your student journey now and get stuck into this guide on the top 5 courses to study in Edinburgh.

Sports Science

We've been focusing a lot on health and well-being since the pandemic. As sports and outdoor activities get more popular, there's more demand for sports science graduates.

The undergrad programme at the Uni of Edinburgh is number one in the country. It will teach you how exercise affects the human body and provide you with a range of skills in Anatomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Physiology and Psychology.

When you graduate there will be a wealth of career opportunities such as becoming a psychologist, personal trainer, nutritionist and more.


Follow in the footsteps of J.K Rowling who wandered the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, inspired by the castles and architecture which influenced the birth of Harry Potter.

Edinburgh Napier’s course received the 2nd highest score for student satisfaction in the UK. You learn a variety of skills such as knowledge of literary history, criticism and knowledge of different cultures worldwide.

This range of skills gives you loads of opportunities when you graduate. You can educate the next generation and pursue a career in teaching or go rogue and become a journalist travelling around the world, the sky’s the limit.


Follow in Galileo, Hawking and Einstein's footsteps to learn what makes the universe tick. Understanding the universe, allows us to understand ourselves as humans.

It can open up several lucrative career opportunities. You could become a university professor, aerospace engineer or astronaut and make “space sailing” your career profession.

A truly fascinating subject. Did you know that there are more trees on earth than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy?

Film and television

Most of us dream about working on broadway, directing a Hollywood blockbuster or becoming a pyrotechnician on the set of James Bond. This undergraduate programme lays the foundations to make that dream a reality...

You will create short films, documentaries and dramas. Let your creative juices flow and challenge the norms and boundaries of filmmaking.

By finding your own creative identity, you will acquire the skills to enter the tv and film industry with a fresh approach to challenging technologies and cinematic ideas.

Computer Science

Edinburgh Napier is ranked the number one modern university for Computer Science in the UK. The most important skill you will learn when studying Computer Science is problem-solving, an essential skill for life.

There are excellent graduate prospects as we rely more and more on computer programmes each day which have an incredible benefit to society.

Provide tools to help monitor the weather, improve the quality of education and pave the way for a digitally-connected world. 

As you can see, there genuinely is something for everyone throughout Edinburgh. So when you get accepted onto a course, get settled into your Yugo student accommodation. You won’t regret it!