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Is the area safe?

Yes. When looking for a location for our accommodation we always make sure to choose a secure and central area. Additionally we have CCTV all around the building and the student can call us 24/7 in case of an emergency.

What is included in the rent?

All utilities (heating, electricity, water and WIFI) are already included in the price. And the rent will not change throughout the year, this way we make it easy for you to plan your expenses. 

How can I make payments?

The payment can be made through the student portal via direct debit or as an alternative via credit card. If you wish to pay for your child you can, just enter the bank details of the account from which we should charge the rent. The deposit needs to be paid via bank transfer, we provide each student with bank details in their rental agreement

What do I do if I can't contact my child once they have moved in?

Due to privacy policies, we are not allowed to forward information on tenants without permission. But if you are worried about your child and give us their personal details we can do a wellbeing check and ask them to contact you

What happens at check in?

We will arrange check-in appointments with the students as the move-in date is close. During these appointments, we will show them their apartment, check if everything is fine, fill in a move-in protocol and provide them with important information on our space. 

Can I have the emails sent to me rather than the student?

Due to the tenancy being in the students name, all correspondence has to go to them.

Can I stay with my child for the first few nights or during their time here?

All students are allowed to have guests but as the apartments are made for single-use we don't recommend staying for longer than 1-2 nights. If you want to help your child settle in we recommend booking a hotel nearby this way you are close to them but they have space to get comfortable in their new apartment.

What happens if there is a maintenance issue in the flat?

All our spaces have onsite technicians who can take care of all issues in the apartments. 

How does cleaning work?

It is the students responsibility to clean their apartments. The Common Rooms & reception area etc. are being cleaned by the space housekeeping team. 

What do we need to pack and what is already included in the apartment?

All apartments are furnished but not equipped, so please bring bedding, towels, pans and plates etc.

What if my child changes their mind and doesn't want to study anymore?

Under certain circumstances like de-registration or changing the university, they can cancel their contract within a 3-month cancellation period, you can find more details on this in the leasing agreement.