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Decorating Your Student Room on a Budget

If your walls are looking a little bare, you’ll wanna add a splash of colour or hang up some amazing art. But what if you just don’t have the cash to make your bedroom look swish? We’ve come up with some ace ideas so you can decorate your student room on a budget.

Make It Cosy

Your room is where you go to chill out and unwind after a busy day of lectures, so you should make sure it’s as cosy and comfortable as possible! Extra cushions, pillows, throws, and blankets on your bed will make your room seem all the more inviting.

If you want to take it one step further, try adding some warm colours to your room. Soft reds and auburn colours will always make you feel relaxed, so bear that in mind when you’re thinking of your next colour scheme.

Get Back to Nature

Why not spruce up the place with a few lovely plants? Mini bonsai trees, indoor flowers, herbs, and even chilli plants can all be bought on the cheap and they’ll brighten up your day no end! Every day, you’ll be able to come home and see your new plants growing and you can really experiment with the colours because there are so many different types of flowers you can buy.

 Personalise Your Space

It’s super-easy to personalise your room with your fave photos. It might sound simple, but if you just print off your pics (there’s no need to buy frames!) and put them on your wall in a pattern you love, your room will instantly feel warm, welcoming, and, most importantly, like your own!

If you want to frame your photos but you’d rather not splash the cash, try washi tape. This bright, colourful tape can be added to the edges of your pics and it will look like you’ve spent loads of cash buying awesome frames but cost just a fraction of the price! What’s more, little things like this will help you to combat homesickness, and just feel way happier and more settled at uni!

It’s All About the Lighting

Soft, gentle lighting is key if you want to feel completely chilled in your room. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to control the main lighting, but you can make your room look super-mellow with a small lamp, or a string of fairy lights hung over your mirror.

Get Plenty of Trinkets 

You can never have too many trinkets! Got a fave teddy bear from home? Pack him up and bring him to uni. When you get home after a day of lectures, you’ll wanna collapse on your bed and see your #1 pal.

Same goes for any little keepsakes you’ve picked up from your hols, any gifts from your friends, or anything else that’s special to you – it should all be on display on your desk or hanging on your walls.

Putting Your Own Stamp On It

However you choose to decorate your room, remember it’s yours (for the year!) so you should be bold and put your own stamp on it. If you put your personality into your room, you’ll find it easy to relax and enjoy yourself in there. Check out all of the amazing student rooms we’ve got ready and waiting for you to decorate next year!