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A day in the Lope de Vega Student Residence

You've just started your final year of school, but your eyes are already set on next year: university and independence are two concepts that shine in your future, and just thinking about it makes your mouth water.

The EBAU results, a few scares and disappointments, but you’ve done it: next year you’re off to Alcalá de Henares. The universities, the culture, the parties, and living in the capital are calling you. You just need to convince your family to be at ease and let you go peacefully; because when you casually mentioned it over dinner… they looked at you like: ‘you won’t last 3 days’... right?

Because it’s your day (or your lucky post), we’ll give you plenty of reasons to come to Alcalá de Henaresand stay in our residence.

What you’ll find at Lope de Vega Residence

If there’s one iconic student residence in Alcalá de Henares, it’s Lope de Vega. It’s located right in the University City, so your life will revolve around studying, deciding which meal of the day to choose at the residence, making your bed, and planning your next laundry day.

In this residence, we’re not afraid of anything: from late mornings in bed after an unusually long Saturday night, to TikTok trends in the common areas.

Plus, you no longer need to worry about monthly expenses because… here’s everything included with your booking:

Would you like to know what your day-to-day life would be like in our residence? Here you go!

A day at Lope de Vega University Residence

Let’s set the scene, the day begins in Alcalá de Henares, the sun wakes you in your penthouse at Lope de Vega Residence and:

8:15 am – The latest podcast is blasting. The day “Estirando el Chicle” ends, you won’t know what to do. But no worries, it’s Thursday and your body knows it.

8:30 am – Backpack in hand, you head down to the dining hall for breakfast. Between coffee, freshly made toast, and freshly squeezed orange juice, you bump into Luis: he’s nice but quite strange! You arrange to play a game of Super Mario Party in the common room in the afternoon.

8:50 am – With all that chatting, you’re running late. You leave Lope de Vega heading to your faculty just in time, and luckily it’s only a 10-minute walk to uni and the Journalism History professor is always 5 minutes late.

2:30 pm – You had practicals today and the last hour dragged on forever, you’re starving and you hurry to the all-you-can-eat salad buffet that’s always available at lunchtime. Today there’s paella or roast lamb for the main course, you can smell it from the start of the corridor. Surely the cook has made her famous homemade flan for dessert.

3:30 pm – You head up to your room to relax and make yourself a coffee in your kitchenette. You’ve arranged to meet at 4:30 pm in Lope de Vega’ study room to prep for the Audio exam that’s been stressing you out (oh, those white balance adjustments).

6:30 pm – After a productive hour and a half of studying, you swing by the coworking space to meet your group: you’re thinking of launching a project together and you’re pumped! Since you’re there, you put on that load of laundry you should have done three days ago… the number of clean shirts you have left is becoming worrisome.

7:00 pm – It’s Wednesday, which means an hour of working out in the residence’s 24-hour gym. While you watch the latest episode of your favourite Netflix series, you’re on the treadmill.

8:00 pm – A hot and relaxing shower in your room. You sit at your desk to do some writing, then read in bed and chat with your parents.

9:00 pm – Dinner time! You choose the 100% healthy option from the menu (you’re almost at “master realfooding” level, if not for Saturday nights): grilled fish with roasted potatoes and a salad with all the buffet ingredients (though a bit of cheese is irresistible).

10:00 pm – On your way to the common room, you find out the card game is cancelled. Apparently, someone’s organised a birthday party. Mental note: find out who’s birthday it is!

11:30 pm – You’re exhausted, but tonight you’re more in the mood for music than anything else. Chill playlist on and time to rest, because tomorrow is another day.

Did you like your hypothetical day? Well, if you want it, you can have it. Come to our Lope de Vega Student Residence in Alcalá de Henares.