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Yugo Achieves Silver Accreditation with The Carbon Literacy Project

04-04-2024​​​​​​​, United Kingdom - Yugo, the first global student housing brand and operator created to enhance students’ experiences throughout and beyond university life, has announced its achievement of Silver Accreditation on The Carbon Literacy Project. This prestigious recognition highlights Yugo's continued commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Yugo is on a mission to better the planet – empowering students and staff through eco-centric living spaces. Through the Carbon Literacy Project, Yugo has gained insights on minimising emissions, motivating its community to follow suit, helping raise awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.

Key to this accomplishment is that 15% of Yugo's workforce is now Carbon Literate accredited, demonstrating the company's dedication to fostering a culture of environmental awareness and action within its teams.

The Carbon Literacy Project provides relevant climate change learning, that catalyses action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By offering Carbon Literacy training to its employees, known as 'Yugoers,' Yugo ensures that every member of its team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Yugo also empowers its students to grow personally through collaborative events and projects under the Live Your Best Life program - a holistic living experience developed from the Yugo research of thousands of students worldwide. This program supports students through three pillars based on sustainability - YugoEco, education – YuPro, personal and professional development - YuGrow, to deliver on their needs and expectations.

"At Yugo, we have an unwavering commitment to protecting the planet in every way we can. Our dedication to our YugoEco brand pillar drives us to continuously seek out opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability," said Joe Persechino, Chief Operating Officer at Yugo.

The Carbon Literacy Project operates on the principle that to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions, both cultural change and technological advancements are essential. By becoming a Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO), Yugo solidifies its substantial commitment to Carbon Literacy and sustainability.

Joe added: "We recognise that addressing climate change requires collective effort and continuous education. By partnering with The Carbon Literacy Project, we are taking a proactive step towards creating a greener, more sustainable future for our communities.”

Dave Coleman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Carbon Literacy Project, said: “Carbon Literacy is an essential skill, vital to every workplace, community, and place of study. It is the foundational knowledge, and a catalyst to empowering people to act on climate, however, Carbon Literacy is only the first step. The actions taken and pledged by learners as part of their Carbon Literacy have an immediate impact within their organisation, however it is the maintenance of these and further actions, supported by Carbon Literate organisational culture, that reaps the greatest rewards for both participants and their organisations. 

“By becoming a Silver accredited Carbon Literate Organisation, Yugo has demonstrated its commitment to genuine low carbon action, environmental and economic impact, and the building of a low carbon future for us all.”

The Carbon Literacy Project is rapidly expanding across the UK and beyond, providing access to climate change education for individuals and organisations alike. Yugo is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, leading by example in the student accommodation sector.