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Why Choose to Study Your Degree in Ireland?

The world really is your oyster when it comes to university. The worldwide number of international students rises each year, now over the 5 million mark, and it’s easy to see why. Obtaining a world-class education in a brand-new, exciting place? Sounds great!

So with all of the intriguing and exotic options you have in front of you, why pick Ireland?

Get comfy while we talk you through it.

Internationally Esteemed Universities

Five Irish universities made the top 450 in the 2019 QS World University Rankings:

Not bad for a country with a population less than 5 million, eh?

And on top of the officially recognised universities, there are institutes of technology, national institutions and colleges of education. Whatever you want to study, you’ll have no problem finding it here on the Emerald Isle.

If you’re from the UK, you’ll be pleased to know that Irish degrees are directly comparable to their UK equivalents - and you won’t need a visa to come and study here. (On that note, all students from the EU, Switzerland and the European Economic Area are able to come without visas.)

A Great Capital City

Dublin is a must-see city for anyone, student or not. They’re the best kinds of cities to study in, because you’ll get so much more out of your university experience than just a degree.

Dublin’s history dates back well over 1,000 years, it has incredible architecture, it is now a modern metropolis, its nightlife ranks among the best in Europe, it’s an essential stop for touring music acts… We could go on.

The visitor stats speak for themselves: just short of 6 million per year. (Yep, that is more than the entire population or Ireland.)

If you prefer smaller cities, don’t worry. Cork is ideal. It’s considered to be a miniature Dublin (in a good way) and it’s the foodie capital of Ireland. Also, the student population in Cork is huge (roughly 35,000 out of the city’s total of 210,000), so you’ll have plenty of company.

Stunning Countryside and Scenery

Everyone knows that Ireland is a rural country all in all, but not many non-Irish people know how beautiful it is.

Mountain ranges, unspoiled beaches, luscious green meadows. We have it all.

And the best part? You’re never too far away from it. Just hop on the train or in the car, and you’ll be out in the countryside in no time.

If you love the outdoors or trips to quaint towns and villages, you’ll love Ireland.

Fascinating History and Culture

With human history that goes back 12,500 years, even before the Celts, Ireland has as rich a heritage as any country.

But it’s not all ancient history. More recently, Irish culture has had a huge impact on the rest of the world. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world, everybody has heard of Guinness, and we’ve produced countless great writers, musicians, actors, artists, sports stars and more. 

Although we have a modest population now, it’s estimated that 80 million people across the globe are of Irish heritage, with 36 million of those in the USA alone. In the UK, Canada and Australia, around a quarter of all people claim to be of Irish descent.

Friendly People

As you’ll no doubt have noticed if you’ve met someone from Ireland, we love to chat and have a good time. 

Moving away to university is a daunting prospect for anybody, even if you’re staying in your home country. So when you’re trying to choose a destination for international study, of course you want extra reassurance.

We’re here to give you that reassurance.

Dublin and Cork are the two biggest cities in Ireland, with the biggest student populations. On top of that, they’re both big tourist cities, so they’re even more prepared for overseas guests like yourself.

Choose Uninest for your Student Accommodation in Ireland

If you’ve decided that Ireland is the place for you, it’s time to start looking for your accommodation.

Although you will be out at university and socialising for most of the time, it’s important not to underestimate the value of safe, comfortable, modern living facilities.

We have several purpose-built student residences across Dublin and Cork, so take a look at all the options and choose whichever one suits you best.

See you soon!