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The first few weeks of uni are done and dusted, and hopefully you feel like you’re starting to settle into your new college life, but have you noticed every student house has a certain set of characters living in it?

We’ve put together a list of the six housemate personas every student accommodation seems to have. Grab your flatmates and give them a read together, then follow our diagram to find outhich one are you!

The Leader

Bossy may as well be your middle name! You love organising get togethers, always have the taxi booked and know exactly how to get the party started. You’re in charge, and nothing would get done without you there to arrange and sort it.

The Parent

Food shop for the house? You’re on it. If anyone needs something, you’ve got it. You’re never without paracetamol, hand sanitiser or an umbrella. You lend an ear to everyone’s problems and you love looking out for your uni family. What would we do without you?

The Clean Freak 

While others may have brought party games to uni, you brought your favourite hoover. Deep cleaning is your favourite weekend activity, and the thought of a sink full of dirty dishes makes you squirm. Now, if anyone needs you, you’ll be re-grouting the shower!

The Lazy One

You’ve made sure your college timetable has no lectures before 1pm, ‘I’ll do it later’ is your favourite phrase and you only get up from a nap to get your Deliveroo order. There’s always tomorrow to get up early right? 

The Geek

You read all the syllabus texts before freshers week ended and you can’t wait to get cracking on your dissertation. When you’re not studying you’re attending extra classes to get a head start on your PHD, and at the weekends we’ll find you at an art gallery or poetry reading.

The Party Animal

There’s never a dull moment with you around, you’re a 24/7 party person! Freshers never ends in your eyes, not even when you’ve graduated. You can’t wait for a summer in Ibiza and you always get everyone in the house in the mood to party!

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