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The Best Coffee Shops Students Need to Visit in Sheffield

Your student days are some of the best days of your life - you become independent, you get to study subjects that interest you, you make new friends and you prepare for life in the working world.

They can also be pretty intense, and you might find that your energy levels dip every now and then thanks to intense study sessions, all nighters before big deadlines, and nights out with friends.

To combat lethargy and burnout it’s super important to maintain a routine of healthy diet and exercise - after all, a healthy student is a productive student. But let’s face it, sometimes what you really need is a quick fix to give you a boost for a few hours.

That’s where the blessed elixir of COFFEE comes in!

When you’re living and studying in Sheffield, you’ll never be short of options for coffee shops to take a quick caffeine shot before continuing with your studies, or a place to sit with your laptop while working, or even just to hang out and socialise with friends.

Here’s a selection of the best coffee shops in Sheffield.

The Treehouse Board Game Cafe

Not only does the Treehouse serve great coffee, but it also boasts a library of over 750 tabletop games.

That makes this place one of the best coffee shops in Sheffield to let your hair down and relax with friends after a long day of revision.

It’s not only excellent coffee that you’ll find here, but you can also get hold of craft beer and, if you have a sweet tooth, jelly beans!

The Steam Yard

The Steam Yard is the perfect location to take refuge on cold winter’s days.

Set in Sheffield city centre, this place offers a taste of Americana, with its welcoming interior, carefully sourced coffee, and friendly waiting staff.

Here you can enjoy a selection of food and drink, including bagels, donuts, kronuts, pastrami, grilled cheese and cheesecake brownies. 

Tamper Coffee: Westfield Terrace

In the heart of the city, you can find another of the best coffee shops in Sheffield, in the form of the Tamper brand.

Tamper has two coffee shops in Sheffield, but the Westfield Terrace branch presents a more intimate, pared-back interior, somewhat different to the other venue.

They are constantly renewing their selection of coffees, which means it’s not hard to come across the perfect cup of coffee for you. You can also treat yourself to something naughty but nice courtesy of the Depot Bakery, which supplies tamper with freshly baked goods.


If you’re looking for excellent coffee with a real authentic taste of Italy, then look no further than VeroGusto on Norfolk Row.

They also serve up delicious Italian pastries, gorgeous lunches and evening menus. This place has a really chilled atmosphere, where you can perch on a stool in the window and spend a couple of dreamy hours in the afternoon observing the comings and goings of passers by on the quaint cobbles of Norfolk Row.

The Rude Shipyard

As a student, one of the best coffee shops in Sheffield is undoubtedly the Rude Shipyard on Abbeydale Road. This lesser-known hidden gem not only serves up some of the best coffee in Sheffield from the supplier Pollards, but also hosts an enormous selection of books. That makes it the perfect sanctuary for those wanting to hide away in a peaceful, intimate study environment for a few hours.

What’s more, they can tempt you with a selection of tasty cakes too - make sure you check out the Guinness Cake, as the slogan goes, Guinness is good for you!


Set just outside of the city centre, this is another great one for students, particularly those situated in the Crookes area. Accompanying the delicious speciality coffee, you can also order a tasty brunch, freshly baked cakes (which have varying flavours every day), or a fresh breakfast. This is a great place to socialise with friends in between study sessions.

The Cabin

When talking about cafes in Sheffield, we couldn’t fail to mention the Cabin. Its Canadian theme combines authentic furnishings and spectacular images of Canadian wilderness, with a selection of pancakes, waffles and coffee. It really is a dream come true.

Make sure you try the milkshakes on offer too, made with Our Cow Molly ice cream.


Sheffield Hallam students love this small independent cafe in Sheffield city centre. Just a stone’s throw away from the station, and located close to the Millennium galleries, it’s amongst the best coffee shops in Sheffield to chill after a day out.

There’s lots of sweet treats on offer here too - don’t miss the chocolate brownies and vanilla-themed cake.

So there you have it - just a selection of our favourite places to enjoy a coffee in Sheffield. Before long, you’ll be raring to go and get back to your student accommodation at yugo to crack on with study sessions!