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The Best Chinese Restaurants in Dublin You Should Try

Studying in Dublin and love Chinese food? We’ve got good news for you.
There are some amazing options out there but if you’re looking for the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin, check out this list of some of our faves…

Wings World Cuisine, Wolfe Tone Street

This all-you-can-eat buffet doesn’t only offer up Chinese cuisine, but also has a selection of global cuisine.
It’s not any old all-you-can-eat buffet, though, as it has the special added attraction of live cooking stations.
The entire menu is brilliant, but we highly recommend the Chinese dishes - sure to make your mouth water!

Mak, Ranelagh

Looking for the best dim sum in Dublin? Look no further. This place is fantastic and one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin, without a doubt thanks to its authenticity.
Check out the prawn toast - you’ll keep coming back for more! 

Chai Yo, Baggot St

Ok, so we know this is a list of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin, and this is technically a Japanese, Thai and Chinese Asian fusion restaurant, but we couldn't leave it out!
A great place to celebrate a birthday or graduation, or get together with mates after a long week of lectures.
It’s definitely Dublin’s most entertaining dining experience, thanks to the full live Teppanyaki cooking experience where you can watch the chefs in action as they work their magic at the grill right in front of you. A true culinary theatre set on Baggot Street!

The menu is absolutely heart-stopping too - try the Chai Yo Special (Fillet Steak, Chicken Teriyaki and Fresh Salmon) or the Tasting Menu (King Prawns, Chicken Teriyaki, Fillet Steak, Seabass & Duck). Spoilt for choice!

Lee’s Charming Noodles (Parnell St.)

Ever since Lee’s Charming Noodles opened in 2005, it’s been a firm favourite among the locals and has established itself as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin.
There’s soup noodles, Chow Mein, noodle mix, homemade dumpling, Chinese stir fry options, and gluten-free dishes and options for vegetarians.
The portions are plentiful - make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your belly!

Good World Restaurant, Georges St

Not only one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin, this is also one of the best-established. It’s been going since 1991 and has become a staple for lovers of Chinese food in the city.
The dumplings are homemade, and there’s a specialist dim sum menu which is noteworthy. 
The presentation of the food is unique too, with some dishes coming in the shape of pandas, pigs, and even minions. 
Chinese cultural events held here in the New Year make it the perfect place to experience new things while you take a breather from your busy study schedule!

Xian Streetfood

A strong contender on our list of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin, Xian is renowned for its unique Biang Biang noodles, which are popular in China’s Shanxi province. 
Biang Biang noodles are long, thick, and spicy and are the perfect brain food to keep you fuelled up during exam season!

Ka Shing

With its great customer service, gorgeous décor, and tasty food, you can see why Ka Shing has made it to our list of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin. 
On offer, there’s traditional Chinese tea, a delicious dim sum menu, and super fluffy barbecue pork buns.

Hang Dai

Top notch food and a nightclub vibe, with neon lighting and live music make Hang Dai on Camden Street unique, and great for a night out with your uni mates or friends from your Yugo student accommodation.
Sample the apple wood-fired duck, crispy duck dumplings, steamed eggplant and asparagus spring rolls. Let your hair down at the end of a long week of studying with the cocktail menu.

Duck (Fade Street)

Duck is an award-winning roasted meat deli that offers authentic flavours of Hong Kong.
The interior is Instagram-worthy, as it’s full of vintage posters and suspended birdcages.
The Bullet Oven cooks the meat perfectly and the menu is outstanding.


The best place in Dublin for Sichuan food. Spicy, citrusy flavours are the order of the day at M&L, and you absolutely must try their mapo tofu, which is the signature dish of Chengdu, Sichuan’s capital city.

As you can see, there’s plenty of options to choose from for dining out. You’ll never be short of places to eat out and have a good time while you’re studying and living in our Yugo student accommodation in Dublin!