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The 10 Best Things to Do in Lincoln This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing - holidays! With the academic year coming to a close, revision and exam periods in full swing, it’s logical that you’re already daydreaming about having free time and all the things you’re going to do with it.

With the long summer nights and pleasant weather, it’s the perfect time to get out and about and do some sightseeing.

There are plenty of Lincoln summer plans to be had. Let’s take a look at just a few of them…

1. The Great British Jubilee Picnic

Our favourite Lincoln summer plan by far this year is the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Whether you’re a royalist or not, you’ve got to admit that this year is monumental for British history.

For the first time ever, thanks to the longevity and dedication of HM Queen Elizabeth II, a British monarch is celebrating 70 years on the throne. And, of course, Lincoln wants to celebrate with her! That’s why Lincoln is hosting the Great British Jubilee Picnic at Lincoln Castle in the Cathedral Quarter.

The castle grounds will be adorned with celebratory colours throughout the jubilee weekend, the first weekend in June 2022.

There will be live music and entertainment from the castle bandstand, with free entry to the castle grounds, and an opportunity to bring a picnic and revel in the jubilatory atmosphere!

2. Lincoln Castle

While you’re celebrating the jubilee, you might as well buy tickets to enter Lincoln Castle. One of the most fascinating features of the castle is the great stone wall, a remnant of its past as a mighty medieval stronghold.

You can also make the most of Lincoln summer weather by following the Medieval Wall Walk, a third of a mile in length, taking you through the exquisite Lincoln countryside and offering panoramic views across the city.

3. See an Original Copy of the Magna Carta

Lincoln Castle is home to a very special document, one that is absolutely monumental in British history - the Magna Carta. Signed and sealed over 800 years ago, it laid the foundation for individual rights and laws in Britain, and has profoundly influenced other nations.

Only four original copies survive, and one of them can be found in Lincoln Castle, and has been here uninterruptedly since 1215. It’s on display in the vault, in a glass case, alongside Lincoln’s copy of the Charter of the Forest from 1225.

4. International Bomber Command Centre

While we’re on the topic of British history, we recommend that you pay a visit to the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC). It’s a memorial to commemorate the service and sacrifice of World War II aircrew, ground crew and support staff that served with Bomber Command.

Take a stroll through the peace gardens on a Lincoln summer day, go to the visitor centre and take in the state-of-the-art exhibition.

One of the points of interest is the memorial spire which leads directly to Lincoln Cathedral - the last view for many who failed to return home.

5. Visit Lincoln Cathedral

The most iconic building in the city, and one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe, Lincoln Cathedral should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Lincoln this summer. It was built in 1072, and has some gorgeous features including two great rose windows - the Dean’s Eye on the north side, and the Bishop’s Eye on the south. You can take guided tours of the cathedral, and even go up onto the rooftop so you can observe how the inside of the structure looks.

No Lincoln summer would be complete without taking advantage of The Tower Tour to enjoy stunning views across the Lincolnshire countryside. See if you can find the Lincoln Imp on top of one of the cathedral pillars - legend has it he was turned to stone by an angel in the cathedral!

6. Newport Arch

This is the oldest archway in the UK still used by traffic. It’s part of Lincoln’s Roman North Wall, the inner face of the north gate of the Upper Roman City of Lindum Colonia. The archway dates back to the third century, and part of the connecting wall still exists in Newport Cottage.

It’s right by Bailgate, which is conveniently located close by to the Duke William pub, so make sure you stop for lunch and pint to recharge your batteries!

7. Lincoln Roman Ruins

During the Roman era, Lincoln was one of Britain’s largest settlements, and the evidence is everywhere to this day. Not only can you see the already mentioned Newport Arch, but you can also see Roman ruins peppered around the city. Several parts of the Roman wall are still intact. Check out the east gate outside the Lincoln Hotel and the lower west gate inside the City Hall.

The upper south gate is tucked away inside the shop at number 44 Steep Hill, so you can even multitask, combining a spot of shopping with a sightseeing session!

8. Go Shopping

Speaking of shopping, there’s plenty of options to be had in Lincoln. You can find all your favourite brands on the High Street and in the Cornhill Quarter.

Lincoln boasts over 300 shops and restaurants, from independent shops and boutiques in the Cathedral Quarter, Steep Hill and the Strait, to the open-air shopping experience at St Mark’s Shopping Centre.

St Mark’s in the south end is packed with a wide range of fashion, homeware, gifts and toys, and the perfect plan for a sunny Lincoln summer day.

If you’re looking for top-name retail brands and health and beauty stores, then head over to the Waterside Shopping Centre, in the heart of Lincoln. 

Don’t miss the traditional shopping zone of the Cornhill Quarter with its high street brands, coffee shops, restaurants and entertainment options.

Last but not least, pop over to the Central Market, Lincoln’s only indoor market.

9. Take a Free Walking Tour with Brant and Matt

If you want to know more about the Roman ruins of Lincoln there’s no better way to do it than to take a free walking tour with local experts Brant and Matt. You can catch them every Saturday at 10am at Castle Square, where their tour starts. Their yellow umbrellas mark the meeting point for the tour, and they’ll take you through some of the city’s most fascinating features, from the most famous to the lesser-known.

They guide you from the uppermost attractions like the cathedral, before meandering downhill to the Brayford Waterfront.

10. The Brayford Waterfront

This is the ideal Lincoln summer destination, as it is truly picturesque and vibrant. England’s oldest inland harbour and Lincoln’s central water feature, it’s now lined with a plethora of bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect location for alfresco dining and soaking up stunning views across the water, where the River Whitham and the Fossdyke Canal meet.

Since the opening of the University of Lincoln on the waterside in the 1990s, this area has undergone a lot of regeneration, with hotels, a cinema, and entertainment options on the water. Don’t miss The Barge floating cocktail bar on the water, or alternatively take a trip on the Brayford Belle, a 50 minute cruise with onboard bar and commentary from a local guide.

To finish up the evening, take a stroll along Wharf East and have dinner at the Horse and Groom on the other side of the harbour.

After a busy day sightseeing in the sunshine, come home to your Yugo student residence in Lincoln, put your feet up and chill - you know that tomorrow you’ll want to get out and do it all over again!