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What is the Student Wellbeing Centre at the University of Lincoln?

Studying at university is a time of great personal growth. Not only are you studying a subject that will probably set you up for success in your future career, but you’ll also encounter new challenges.

Making a new circle of friends, learning how to live independently for perhaps the first time in your life, constructing a full social life, travelling and exploring new places and cultures, taking care of finances, are all a new part of your life in addition to your classes.

While all of that can be lots of fun, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, not to mention confusing. Some support would come in handy, right?

The Student Wellbeing Centre

That’s why the University of Lincoln has set up a Student Wellbeing Centre.

It exists, as the name suggests, to take care of student wellbeing in Lincoln, while offering specialist advice in relation to various different situations and predicaments.

At the Student Wellbeing Centre, a team of student wellbeing advisors are on hand to offer support and guidance to students. The team consists of mental health advisors and counsellors.

Whether you need support or advice with disability issues, medical conditions, learning differences, or mental health, the wellbeing advisors are happy to attend to your needs.

They can also put you in touch with the help necessary from key services for fees and funding, to housing, visas, and legal advice - taking the burden off your shoulders and making uni life that bit easier. Adulting is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Wellbeing workshops

You can attend workshops and drop-in sessions at the University of Lincoln Wellbeing Centre. One of the most useful and important workshops they hold are the mental health group wellbeing workshops, run by the counselling service.

These sessions can make a huge difference to your overall student wellbeing at Lincoln, and help to turn around a patchy spell in your studies or personal life. Often just the act of talking to someone and unburdening can be enough to break the sense of isolation that so many people experience in times of great change.

Community spirit

If you have ever experienced loneliness at university, you’re not the only one. To combat that sense of loneliness, the Wellbeing Centre runs an informal Wellbeing Café. It’s a great place to grab a coffee, chat to other students, and meet like-minded people. You’ll find a sense of community here, which is sometimes sorely missing amidst the rush of deadlines, exams, and the stresses of everyday life.

Counselling sessions

Mental health is as important as physical health. The University of Lincoln is one of the first universities to have joined the Student Minds University Mental Health Charter Programme, and is fully dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues and supporting students with their mental health.

Whatever problems you may encounter, you don’t have to face them alone at the University of Lincoln. All Lincoln Uni students have access to free

confidential counselling with the trained wellbeing advisors at the Wellbeing Centre.

Never feel ashamed to reach out if you find yourself going through a challenging time. The very fact that such services for student wellbeing in Lincoln exist, means that you are most certainly not alone in struggling from time to time. 

Learning issues

If you find yourself having any issues during the course of your studies, the services for student wellbeing in Lincoln are your go-to for support. The Student Wellbeing Centre offers confidential support on many learning issues, and can signpost you to some of the other university services.

The Wellbeing Centre may point you in the direction of the university library, where there are numerous workshops in study skills, covering topics like essay structuring and academic referencing. No shame in getting some extra support along the way!

The idea behind the University of Lincoln Student Wellbeing Centre is to simply help you to make the most of your time at university. University isn’t just about exams and grades, Your overall wellbeing is of utmost importance and fundamental to your success as a university student.

So if you’re studying at Lincoln and need a little extra support or advice, don’t hesitate to reach out and take advantage of the exemplary services on offer. Here at Yugo we also take your student wellbeing in Lincoln very seriously, so if you need anything during your stay with us at our Park Court residence, our 24-hour on-site team will be more than happy to help you. Make yourself at home.