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Perth's Top 5 Beaches

The beaches of Perth are usually the first thing on every new student’s list – and why wouldn’t they be? Perth has some of the clearest water and whitest sand in the world. It’s the perfect place to chill out and have fun, or a good place to study for the day if you’re in need of some sun! If this sounds like something you’re into, read on for our picks of the best beaches in Perth.

City Beach

There’s plenty of parking at City Beach, so it’s the perfect place to drive to during a break in classes – with plenty of restaurants too, it’s the ideal place to head to for a picturesque lunch during some free time. There’s an expanse of grass and trees, as well as long stretches of sand. It’s quite a popular beach, so there’s always people to meet and places to be!

How do I get there?

City Beach is the closest beach to our brand new student accommodation in Perth, The Boulevard, a quick 20 minute drive or 40 minute bus ride away on the 81 bus.

Cottesloe Beach

Arguably Perth’s most popular beach, Cottesloe Beach (affectionately known by locals as Cott) is a haven of white sand, turquoise water, and green grass. Perfect for a swim or to chill out on the sand or grassed terraces, Cott is regularly patrolled by surf lifesavers and the waves are generally calm. Bring a book and do some study under the large pine trees and have lunch at the iconic Cottesloe Beach Hotel. Check out our Perth video as we explore the city’s best locations, including Cottesloe Beach.

How do I get there?

Getting to Cott from The Boulevard is easy – it’s a 25 minute drive or 34 minutes on the Fremantle train line – perfect for a getaway for the day. It even appeared in our Perth lifestyle shoot – it’s a famous Perth icon and you should definitely check it out!

Port Beach

Down in the cultural hub of Fremantle, Port Beach is the perfect place; especially if you’re studying at the University of Notre Dame. With unique views of the Fremantle port, the beach offers a mix of great views, soft sand, and clear water. During the summer months, Port Beach is home to an eclectic live music event: Sets on the Beach. Featuring local and international acts, it’s the perfect place to chill out, discover some new favourite musicians, and live the good life.

How do I get there?

Getting to Port Beach is easy since the train takes you almost right to the water! The Fremantle line can be taken from the Perth CBD and will take you right there in about 40 minutes – otherwise, driving will take about 30 minutes from The Boulevard. Otherwise, the beach is within walking distance from the University of Notre Dame and is without a doubt the most beautiful place to study!

Scarborough Beach

One of Perth’s most recognisable beaches, Scarborough, affectionately known as ‘Scabs’ by locals is one that you can’t miss. The shore is lined by high-rise hotels, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, ice creameries, and burger joints. There’s plenty to do at Scabs and you’ll always be spoiled for choice when it comes to that study break lunch!

How do I get there?

Being one of Perth’s most popular beaches, Scarborough is well served by public transport – with the 990 bus taking you straight to the sand from the city in 45 minutes. If you’re driving, you can expect to laying on the sand under the sun in about 25 minutes from The Boulevard!

Trigg Beach

If you’re a surfer, or looking to learn, Trigg is the beach for you. Famous amongst the surfer crowd, Trigg has rougher waves and is much more challenging than the other beaches on this list. We recommend it if you’re into surfing, but otherwise the more peaceful beaches are a good choice if you’re just looking to swim and tan. Nevertheless, it’s another Perth icon and you should check it out even if it’s just once!

How do I get there?

Trigg will take a bit longer to get to than the other beaches, taking about an hour on public transport with a mix of the Joondalup train line and the 421 bus. Most Trigg visitors are surfers, and given the difficulties of fitting a surfboard onto public transport, we’d recommend driving! From The Boulevard, it’s a 20 minute drive and you’ll be surfing up the waves in no time!

You can’t go wrong when you choose a beach in Perth, they’re all picturesque and it’s just about discovering the small differences that make your personal favourite! If you have any questions or want to let us know your favourite beach, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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