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Who lives at the residence?

Just students we are not working as a hotel

Is there a doctor or nurse at the residence?


What happens if my child is unwell?

There is stuff 24 hours, and we provide advice. If there is any emergency, we can call an ambulance.

National students: Where or how to get my doctor?

You need to go to the central medical office by your residence and show them proof of living at the residence they will provide medical service.

Where can we get the public transport card?

You can do it online.

Deposit and guarantee deposit: what this is for and when do we get back?

Deposit: a deposit is established which will be returned in full if there is no damage to the room due to misuse at the time of check out. Security Deposit: refers to a monthly payment of the contract corresponding to the place that serves to protect and guarantee compliance with the terms and clauses of the Contract, mainly non-payments.

What can we bring to the residence?

We provide all the bedlinen and towels. You need to bring any cup, glass, plate and cutlery that you might need.

Can I change my room once I check in?

Yes, you can. You can do one free change per course.

What happens if my child is not good at making friends?

We organize activities at the beginning of the course so the students get to know each other. We keep an eye on the students to see if they need a little extra help to get introduced to a group. 

How do double rooms work and who will my child be sharing the room with?

We select the students by university and degree. If they are not happy with this option, they can change rooms.

Maintenance work at the rooms?

The maintenance teamwork at the residence and any incident is resolved within 24 hours once reported unless it requires a part or is more complicated.

Are the residents free to access the residence any time?


Is there any hazing?

No, hazing is not allowed and would be grounds for expulsion.