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Can we set up Auto Pay for rent payments during the lease term?

Our Student/Resident portal has a variety of convenient payment options that accept a number of different payment methods with customizable pay dates, just be sure it's scheduled prior to late fees hitting your ledger.

Is there a discount for paying in-full, by semester or other payment plan?

No, there is not. You will pay the contract amount in 12 equal installments.

Is August rent prorated?

No, it is not. August will have the same installment amount as the other months. 

Is subletting allowed?

While we do not allow subleasing, we do allow for contract transfers. The resident is responsible for finding a qualified applicant to take over the full responsibility for their contract. The new tenant will apply, the original tenant will pay the contract transfer fee and sign-off on the contract transfer forms. Then, we can transfer the lease agreement out of the name of the original tenant to the new tenant. We will then close out the account for the original tenant.

How do I navigate the resident portal?

This guide will help you with the following questions: 

How do I pay rent and submit work orders?

Resident Portal gives you 24-hour access to pay rent, submit a work order or just find out what is happening in and around the community. You can access your resident portal online on our website or through the app store.

How do I pay my rent?

Rent can be paid completely online through your resident portal.

Do I have to pay my rent online?

No, you are able to drop off a written check or money order on the 1st of each month if you would prefer to do that. If you choose to pay with paper payments, i.e. a personal check, money order, or cashier's check, you must have to the office no later than the 1st. Late fees will not be waived to payments lost in the mail. If you must mail them, send them early to avoid slow mail.

Who should I contact regarding my SimpleBills bill?

SimpleBills, their customer support number is (254) 230-0199.

I'm having issues with my resident portal. Who do I contact?

Entrata support, their phone number is (801) 375-5522.