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Parent's FAQs in Australia

What do you guys do to ensure the residents are kept safe?

We have a 24 Hour team, CCTV in common areas and emergency numbers posted in the building

Is there a difference in price between Full Payment and Fortnightly Payments?

There is no difference in price.

How do you help my child feel supported in their transition to tertiary study?

Hosting fun events to meet new people and de-stress, promote university related events to help with studying. 

Are cleaning services included in the rooms? 

Cleaning services are not included in the rent price however we can organise to have your apartment cleaned during your stay for a fixed cleaning fee. 

Can parents stay with their children during their stay?

Yes parents are welcome to stay for up to 7 nights if the student is staying in a studio apartment

Are meals included?

No meals are not included however each property is in a central location located nearby numerous supermarkets. 

If we cannot reach our child how can you assist?

We have 24 hour emergency phones and will complete welfare checks at any time if required to assist make contact with the student. Due to privacy policies, we are not allowed to forward information on tenants without permission. But if you are worried about your child and give us their personal details we can do a wellbeing check and ask them to contact you. 

Are cleaning services included?

Yes, we do offer cleaning services. However, please note that these services are not included in the room rate and would require an additional fee. It's available upon request. 

Do the windows open?

The Windows do open, but there is a restriction so they can't open too wide. We also have air conditioning in each room to assist you with airflow.

Are there many international students?

Certainly! At Yugo we have a multitude of international students hailing from various countries around the globe. 

Can I have the emails sent to me rather than the student?

Due to the RTA needing to be in the students name, all correspondence has to go to them. 

What is provided in the room?

Your rental installment covers your unit, which is fully furnished, covers Wi-Fi, utilities. You will need to bring bedding and kitchen items.