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Nightclubs in Cambridge - Our Top 4 Picks for Students

When you think of Cambridge what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

We’d bet that you think of quaint old picturesque buildings, quintessentially English scenes of cream tea, punting, strolls by the river and Hogwarts-esque university buildings.

Well, it is true that Cambridge is full of history and culture, and really does live up to its reputation of being a posh university city. But that's not to say that it’s all prim and proper.

Thanks to its university culture, it’s full of students and young people that want to have a good time. 

So what’s it like to go ‘out out’ in Cambridge?

Whether you’re looking for banging sets from DJs, to a cheesy bop on the dancefloor, there’s a good mix here.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the nightclubs in Cambridge. There’s sure to be something that takes your fancy.

1. Lola Lo

Top of the list of nightclubs in Cambridge is Lola Lo’s.

If you haven’t heard of this club before, then where have you been? Lola Lo’s has several venues throughout the UK.

Located on Corn Exchange Street, its Cambridge club is a colourful tropical paradise which hosts buzzing themed parties 5 nights a week.

It’s one of the best nightclubs in Cambridge to let your hair down after a long day with your head between your notebooks.

There’s a great student night on Mondays, which has been a staple of student nightlife in Cambridge for nearly a decade. Head over to Lola Lo’s for the ‘Shameless’ student night and you’ll be treated to two rooms playing a blend of international beats, house, R&B, hip hop, dance and chart hits.

Enjoy the super cool Tiki booths with your mates and take advantage of the student promos, including cocktails for £2.95 , Jägerbombs and blackfire tequilas for £1.50,  and super cheap shots and bottles of beer.

We can’t think of a better way to get your week off to a great start. 

If you prefer a weekend night out, shake the week’s stress away with Saturday’s ‘TIKI DISCO’ where you’ll find a bit of everything: chart music, R&B, floor fillers and club classics.

2. Revolution

Revs is a favourite amongst students in most UK cities, and Cambridge is no exception.

Earlier on in the evening, there are some great deals on food so if you want to kick the night off with some grub this is a good place to start.

Later on in the night, things start to get lit with resident DJ’s, cocktail masterclasses and VIP areas that you can reserve - ideal for special occasions.

On Tuesdays, there are 2 for £10 deals on their delicious cocktails, and every night there are happy hours.

There are five bars to order drinks from, so there’ll be no long waits to be served here.

What’s not to like?!


Formerly Fez nightclub, this venue has always been a popular spot thanks to its prime location, inclusive ‘misfits are welcome’ vibes, and fantastic party atmosphere.

There’s something on every night of the week, but our favourite is Woo Wednesdays which mixes up the very best of old school and new hip hop, alongside R&B, funk, soul, disco, garage, and the list goes on...  

There are surprise guest appearances to be had, loads of drinks deals and prize giveaways, and free pizza and doughnuts. If you're not sold by now, you never will be.

As the only independent club that offers live music in the city, it’s unique amongst the nightclubs in Cambridge and delivers unforgettable nights out.

4. Vinyl

To round up our rundown of the best nightclubs in Cambridge, we’re stopping by at Vinyl.

The centrally-located venue has had a few name changes throughout the years, and Vinyl is its latest incarnation.

Throwback Thursdays are drawing in more and more student crowds and it’s a particularly popular venue among the LGBT crowd thanks to its inclusive atmosphere and special events.

Saturday nights here are loads of fun, serving up pure cheese from the 70s, 80s, 90s and noughties.

There are also Zumba themed nights and roller disco events, 

This is a place to truly let go, forget your ego, and bop away on the adequately fabulous illuminated dance floor! 

Popping lights, retro, colourful interiors, and glitzy disco balls are the order of the day at Vinyl. You can even reserve exclusive VIP areas with their own dancefloors, booths, inflatables and dress-up props - ideal for getting your uni mates together for a birthday or end of exams blowout!

So get glammed up, gather your mates, and get ready to request all your favourite guilty pleasures and have a giggle at Vinyl.

So there you have our top favourite nightclubs in Cambridge, but that’s not all. There’s plenty of fun to be had at the numerous bars, pubs, and live music venues dotted around the city. Not to mention the rich social life provided by many of the university’s colleges, clubs and societies, as well as at our Anglia House student accommodation. One thing’s certain - you’ll never be bored as a student in Cambridge!