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Life in Perth: Weather and Climate

No doubt you’ve heard about Perth’s sunny days and hot weather, endless hours spent at the beach or relaxing outside. We can’t lie though – sometimes it does rain in Perth, albeit rarely! We’ve compiled some of the best information on Perth temperature, the climate of Perth, and the seasons of Perth for your ease. We’ve also included some activities you might like to do in each season – so read on!

Generally Speaking

Perth is in the southern hemisphere, so that means our seasons are mirrored to the northern hemisphere. OK – you probably already know that, but just remember that if you’re coming to Perth in June and expecting a hot summer! It’ll be winter in Australia, and although it doesn’t rain too much, you can expect a few gloomy days. We can’t have it all!

In the cooler months of May – September, you can expect around 110mm of average rainfall, with July being the wettest and coldest month of the year: with an average of 145mm rainfall and temperature of 18.4 degrees. On some days you’d hardly think it’s winter though, and you can even get away with going to the beach sometimes!

Summer though, is a different story. In Perth the weather really starts to heat up around November and stays warm until April. You won’t see much rain, with an average of 20mm in these months. It’ll get pretty hot though – with January being the hottest month of the year, the temperature averaging 32.3 degrees!

In the peak of summer, it’s not unusual to see temperatures over 40 degrees! Don’t worry though, there’s plenty to do and you’ll soon forget about the heat with all the fun you’re having. Make sure you keep reading for the best things to do depending on the weather in Perth!

Warm and Sunny

Of course, we’re starting with Perth’s default weather setting: warm and sunny. Perth’s identity has been built upon the hot weather, so you’ll surely find something you enjoy doing.

The first thing you’ll want to consider doing is going down to the beach. There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the ocean and laying out on the sand without a care in the world. Make sure you wear sunscreen though! Perth’s sun is notorious for causing bad sunburns – and trust me, from someone who has had a nasty one, you’ll want to lather on that sunscreen! There are plenty of beaches to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. Take a look at the WA Government’s list of best beaches, to find the best place for surfing, relaxing, or socialising.

If you’re looking to escape the heat, it’s a good idea to go shopping for the day. It’s a great feeling when you step out of the heat and feel the cool from the air conditioners as you walk into a store! Perth has plenty of shopping locations, from big complexes to shopping along busy malls in the heart of the city. For more information about shopping in Perth, take a look at the City of Perth’s shopping directory.

Cold and Rainy

Sometimes, you can’t have it all. Every now and then it does rain in Perth, but don’t worry! There’s still plenty to do when it’s cold and gloomy outside.

Perth has a wide array of cultural facilities that you might like to visit when it’s grim outside. Have a look at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, or the Art Gallery of Western Australia. With free entry, it’s the perfect excuse to view some work done by talented local and international artists. If exploring the past is more your thing, why not take a trip to the WA Maritime Museum or the WA Shipwrecks Museum.

Perth’s hospitality sector has been growing a lot lately, so you might like to chill out at a restaurant or café having something warm while you watch the rain on the window in the comfort of a heated room. Our personal pick is Koko Black in the heart of Perth, serving various chocolate products – hot chocolate is perfect for a cold day! If you’re feeling like something other than chocolate though, there’s plenty to choose from. Have a look at the City of Perth’s Eat and Drink website to plan your wet weather feast!

As the graph above shows, life in Perth is generally sunny and warm. But remember that even when it rains you’ll have something to do!

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