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United Kingdom

Student accommodation in Cambridge

A city with brains and beauty, Cambridge is home to stunning colleges, punting on the river Cam, and a big, friendly student community. Its ancient university is world-renowned, with mind-blowing resources to help your studies. And don’t miss a quality pint of ale at The Eagle, where DNA was discovered! Whatever you’re into, filling free time is easy! From a gin-making laboratory to the retro video games in the Centre for Computing History, summer balls to raucous rowing competitions, Cambridge and your best student life are a hot couple.

A student city

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Grab some grub in Cambridge

If you’re a foodie (or just very hungry!) there’ are plenty options in Cambridge. Choose wisely and you’ll get a great view too. Here are our favourites…

1 space in Cambridge

  • Anglia House

    Anglia House is a four-minute cycle (or 15-minute walk) from Anglia Ruskin, and a 15-minute cycle from Cambridge Uni – and if you’re studying at either, this space is exclusively for you!

    All bills and contents insurance are included, the communal spaces are first rate and regular wellbeing sessions help keep happy levels high. Rooms are also ensuite, so no shared bathrooms.

    Then there’s Cambridge, an ancient hub of academic awesomeness. Just as well there’s a great nightlife to take the pressure off!

    To find out more about summer bookings email our sales team.

    Closest university: Anglia Ruskin University

Our space

We've got room types for a range of needs and budgets, from ensuites in flat shares to more private studios. Rooms also come in different sizes, from Standard to Deluxe via Classic and Premium options. And if you want to nab the best of the best, we also have Premium Studio rooms available: large enough to share with a friend or partner (dual occupancy is an option).

In short, decide how you want to live, and we'll help you make it happen.

All our student accommodation in Cambridge is built from the ground up to give you the best student living experience in the city. You'll get high-speed internet (perfect for video calls as well as online classes and lectures), 24-hour staff support, postal service, bike storage and more.

Even better, all bills are included too, so you’ll never get caught out by extras. Communal spaces include a TV area, courtyard, common room and more, so you can make and spend time with new friends before heading to your own room for quiet time when you need it.

We're here to help

Fresh starts are exciting, but they can be daunting too. Got a question? Just ask.
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A small city with big opportunities

Cambridge's academic reputation precedes it! Its university, the second-oldest in the English-speaking world, regularly appears in the top three ranked educational institutions in the world and some of the biggest names in science, politics, business and the arts pop up in its list of alumni.

Study here and you'll be following in some famous footsteps. But will your accommodation be a match for your own personal and professional aspirations?

The University botanic garden offers the perfect summer hangout, while the Arts Theatre is a great option for relaxing and enjoying a show during the winter. It’s a city to enjoy in all seasons, with plenty of shopping, restaurants, music and culture to get to grips with. And if the party scene is your thing, there are enough clubs and bars to see you right...