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Glam, grades and girl power: Barbie’s the Yugo uni flatmate we never knew we needed

Barbie UK - Image 3

Barbie’s name is on everyone’s lips, as her movie premiers on 21st July.

Way more than just a pretty face,  Barbie’s a fabulous global icon who’s been slaying in just about everything for over 60 years!

Not to be underestimated, she’s hyper-talented and has a mind-blowing CV. Since graduating from university, she’s been a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, and even an astronaut!

So what would Barbie be like if she were a uni student in the UK today?

Campus Queen and BFF

Barbie is the ultimate uni role model. Smart, kind, and hardworking, she’s also fun, ambitious and loves to learn.  Her motto is ‘You can be anything’ and that’s something that we’re so here for!

She’d rock up to university lectures in her bright pink (eco-friendly) Barbie car wearing on-point outfits and throw herself into campus life. 
Top of the class, she’d ask all the right questions and gather friends for motivating study sessions in Yugo’s dedicated study rooms. She’d be studying something challenging like Law or Astrophysics, but she wouldn’t stop there! 🧑‍🎓

In her free time, she’d socialise with friends, go on romantic dates with dreamy Ken (swoon!), explore her university city, and dive into loads of extracurricular activities while heading up the student committee.

She’d be THE dream flatmate, with deep late-night chats, movie nights, and makeovers. She’d take you to every student theme night at the clubs, busting dance moves and being the life and soul - come on Barbie, let’s go party! 💃

She’d be serious about the future too, with big career plans, travels, and making a difference. In her words, “Love and imagination can change the world!” 👏💯🔥
Don’t even get us started on her uni bedroom…

Barbie UK - Image 4

What would Barbie’s student bedroom look like?

Barbie’s the queen of the bold aesthetic, so she’d defo have a stunning Dreamhouse-style bedroom! 

Think popping colours, vibrant pastels, kitsch decor, shaggy rugs, and lots of light - all to reflect Barbie’s happy, bubbly personality.

Get the Barbie vibe for your room by following these quick tips…

Top tips on Barbie-fying your student accommodation

Go big or go home with bright colours! 😉

Bedding and throws should ALL be shades of pink: bubblegum, blush, or hot pink. Don’t be afraid to go bold - as Barbie says: “You’re braver than you think”! 💪

Accessorise your walls! 🖼️

Decorate with kitsch posters, prints, fashion illustrations and artwork. Don’t forget some images of Barbie on your walls!

Add some cute touches 😍

Pink cushions, sequinned pillows, and fuzzy throws all evoke glamour and elegance. Barbie says “What makes you different makes you special” so those personal touches are everything. 💕

Get organised ✅

Stay focussed like Barbie by keeping everything neat. Opt for colourful storage boxes and bins, and get a cute desk organiser to keep your study materials in order - so you’re ready for anything! 💅 

Glow-up lighting 💡

Soft, warm lighting will give your room a chilled and welcoming ambience. Hang fairy lights for a magical touch, get a stylish desk lamp or go all out with a statement chandelier!

Barbie UK - Image 2

Live the dream

Barbie’s an amazing role model for university students - intelligent, motivated, fun-loving, and living the dream.

Barbie is everything. Be everything too - book your dream student accommodation with Yugo! Yu go, Barbie!