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So you’ve done your exams and you’re finally starting uni in September, need some tips on what to pack for your first week? Here is a list of things every fresher needs to survive!

  1. A Cookbook - once beans on toast starts to get boring, you may want to try a new recipe or two!
  2. A Notepad - every student needs a note book, that way you can at least pretend you’re taking notes in lectures.
  3. An Alarm Clock - Or 2 or 3! If you actually plan on attending those 9AMs then alarm clock’s are a must.
  4. Plastic Cups and a Ping Pong Ball - for Beer Pong (or a soft drink alternative!) a great game to play before you go out to bond your flat, it’s practically a team sport!
  5. Straws - everyone forgets to bring straws but they’re always appreciated!
  6. Lanyards – these are often given out when you check into your new flat or house (we give all our students a stylish yellow or grey one) and remember it costs to replace keys, so having one of these handy will make them harder to loose and easier to find in your bag!
  7. Playing Cards – a classic!
  8. Bottle Opener - need we say more?
  9. USB Sticks – These can be a little pricey but as they are most definitely for studying now is a good time to persuade mum and dad to buy you one or two, later on make sure you save multiple copies of your coursework – losing all your work is the worst.
  10. Headphones – great for a bit of time to yourself, why not zone out for a bit and listen to your favourite tunes.
  11. Pens - Take as many as possible, the pen thief always seems to be lurking around student accommodation!
  12. Pot Noodle - Whether it’s a late night craving or just dinner, every student needs a pot noodle in their life!
  13. Spork - How else are you going to eat your pot noodle without a Spork?
  14. Mints - After all that pepperoni pizza and garlic bread, at your fresher’s fair, you’re probably going to need something to freshen up!
  15. Phone - #Obvious but don’t forget it!
  16. Glow Sticks/ UV Paint- Most Uni’s have a UV Party during Fresher’s Week, why not come prepared!
  17. Picture From Home – You can deny it all you want, but we all get a tad emotional about leaving our friends and family, why not take them with you!
  18. Face Masks – One for the girls and skin conscious boys! The late nights, the greasy food, the alcohol and all that dancing, trust us you’ll need these!
  19. Toothbrush – It’s just so easy to forget!
  20. First aid kit- Finally, and most importantly- no one escapes freshers flu!

So there we have it, our 20 Fresher's essentials, for a more serious guide to packing why not check out our infographic A Guide To Packing For University!