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Frequently asked questions about student life in Yugo St Crispins House 

Thinking about making the move to Norwich? Starting your higher education journey is an exciting time, and we’re sure you probably have lots of questions you’d like answered.

Luckily, you’re in the right place! Yugo has put together some of the most frequently asked questions about student life in St Crispin’s House, Norwich, to help you decide if it’s the right location for you.

What other UK cities are easy to travel to from Norwich? 

Norwich is a medieval city located in the east of England. The coastal town of Great Yarmouth is a short half an hour drive away, where you can enjoy a classic British seaside atmosphere, and visit the iconic Brittania Pier.

The town of Wroxham is also nearby, just a 20-minute drive. Here you will find some great countryside pubs, a historic steam railway, and the Broads National Park to explore.

Slightly further afield, around an hour’s drive - you can explore the city of Ipswich. With a bustling centre filled with history, arts, and great places to eat and drink, Ipswich is well worth the trip for a day out with your mates.  

What are the best student activities in Norwich? 

Norwich is a city filled with history and culture – so you’re sure to find a bunch of activities to get your teeth stuck into. To discover our top places to eat, drink, hang out, and party in Norwich, check out our student city guide here.  

Where are the best places to eat in Norwich? 

If you’re a notorious foodie, Norwich is a great place to be. From delicious desserts at the waffle house, to mouth-watering delicacies at The Farmyard Restaurant, there truly is something to suit every taste. Check out our top places to eat in Norwich in our student city guide here.  

How big is Norwich?  

Norwich is home to around 133,000 people, including a thriving student population. Also known as a 15-minute city, Norwich is easily walkable, and has great public transport available – including rentable bikes and scooters.  

What appliances are included in your flat when you arrive? 

All rooms at Yugo Norwich St Crispin’s House come fully furnished, and are all-inclusive. Clothes washing and drying facilities are available on-site, and high-speed WiFi is included as standard.

Each flat is designed with student living in mind, and the specific appliances included in your flat depend on the type of room or residence you book with. For more information, check in with the residence team. 

Do students pay council tax?  

One huge benefit of student living is that you are exempt from paying council tax. As long as you are in full-time education, you do not need to pay council tax. If for any reason you receive a letter, don’t fret - all you need to do is apply for an exemption.  

Do I need a guarantor? 

Yes, if you are making monthly payments towards your accommodation, you will need a guarantor to ensure you are able to make your payments on time.

A guarantor will take the liability of making payments on your behalf if you are unable to, for whatever reason. If you are unable to pay your rent, please speak to our support team first – your guarantor will only be used as a last resort. 

What communal spaces are available at St Crispin’s House? 

Not to toot our own horn, but St Crispin’s House is the place to be. Equipped with a cinema room, gym, podcast studio, karaoke room, games room, and other great social spaces – we’re not sure you’d ever want to leave.  

Can I choose my flatmates? 

Yes, you can choose your flatmates! You can choose to live with your friends by selecting the same flat number when you book with us. However, this is subject to availability, so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment! 

So, there you have it! Our top FAQs about life at Yugo Norwich St Crispin’s House. Still can’t find the answers you’re looking for? You can check our UK FAQs here, which provide information about bookings, viewings and contract terms. You can also find contact information for all our spaces here.