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EUSA Edinburgh: The Best Societies and Activities

As if studying in the magical, picturesque Scottish capital of Edinburgh weren’t enough, there’s loads of fun to be had in terms of a full social life.

Edinburgh famously hosts some of the biggest festivals in Europe, has a buzzing nightlife, and great bars and restaurants.

To add the cherry on top of the cake, the student-led Edinburgh Student Association (EUSA), provides tons of useful help and support to students in many different ways, including the provision of some pretty ample social activities and clubs to get stuck into!

As one of the 45,000 students enrolled at the University of Edinburgh, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Association. So when you start your studies, make sure you take a look at some of the whopping 260+ societies on offer.

Joining a society can be one of the most rewarding and enriching things you do during your time at uni, and is a fantastic way to make like-minded friends for life.

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of our fave societies and activities at EUSA Edinburgh.

Academia and Subject-based Interests

If you’re really into the subject that you’re studying and want to take it a step further, there are plenty of academically-focused societies at EUSA Edinburgh.

You could sign up to the History of Art Society, the Art Soc, Design Society, Movie Production Society, Photography Society, Television Society, as well as a huge range of Music, Dance, and Theatre societies. 

They’re all great places to make new pals and share ideas about common interests with other Edinburgh University students, not to mention having loads of fun in a less restrictive environment than the lecture theatre.

It’s a fact that the Geography Society hosts some of the best meetups, while the Psychology Society allows postgrads and professionals to join, which just goes to show that these societies could even be useful for networking in the long run. After all, it’s often not what you know, but who you know…

If you’re into the creative arts and are interested in getting a bit of work experience on the CV, then get in with media-themed activities.

You can write for The Student, Edinburgh's own student newspaper (founded by the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson). Or if you fancy getting broadcast on the radio, then offer your talents to the student radio station, Fresh Air.

Filmmakers can put their editing skills to the test with the Edinburgh Movie Production Society (EMPS), the Edinburgh Film Society, or EUTV, Edinburgh University Television Station.

Performing Arts

If you prefer to be in the spotlight rather than behind the scenes, then you’re in luck.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a university set in the home city of the Fringe Festival, at the Edinburgh Student Association, there’s a multitude of performing arts societies to sign up to.

Get your body moving with the Dance Society, or try something even more physically challenging with the Pole Dancing Society - you’ll have abs of steel after a few weeks working the pole!

Get theatrical with the Edinburgh University Theatre Company (EUTC), the university’s drama society, and tread the boards in Britain’s oldest-run student theatre in Britain, the Bedlam Theatre.

Become part of the famous improvised comedy troupe, The Improverts, and of course, check out the Edinburgh University Footlights and Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group (EUSOG) if you’re into musical theatre.

If you prefer music to the smell of the greasepaint, there’s enough to be getting on with at EUSA Edinburgh - music is a big part of EUSA life.

The Edinburgh University Music Society is the second oldest music society in the United Kingdom, with a symphonic chorus of around 200 members, a symphony orchestra and sinfonia.

If you sign up to the music society you could be involved in seven concert performances a year!


These days, the sports societies are not run by EUSA Edinburgh, but rather by the Edinburgh University Sports Union (EUSU), a separate organisation, with its own organisational structure. 

Sports fans should definitely give the Sports Union some consideration, as there are plenty of great clubs to join. 

The Windsurfing and Surf Club, and the Snowsports Club are some of the more challenging outdoorsy societies on offer, amongst others.


Finding a group of friends who share similar values and beliefs can be an important cornerstone of surviving and thriving uni life.

At the Edinburgh Student Association you can easily connect with people of the same or similar faith backgrounds.

There are various groups, including a CathSoc for Catholic students, an Islamic Society and a Jewish Society, amongst others.

Weird and Wonderful

Then of course there are the more random societies at the Edinburgh Student Association. 

What would any university be without clubs and activities that exist purely for the sake of letting your hair down and indulging in more obscure pastimes?

One of our personal favourites at EUSA Edinburgh is the Hot Chocolate Society  - a particularly good shout for those who don’t drink alcohol or go partying. They run weekly socials which revolve around the simple pleasure of drinking hot chocolate with friends. What’s not to like?!

If you’re a bit of a gamer then you’ll find your niche at the Gaming Society, where you can play video games, enjoy pub nights and even play competitively with other UK universities! If you're into all kinds of games then check out the Roleplaying Society. 

As you can see, there genuinely is something for everyone at the Edinburgh Student Association. So once you get settled into your Yugo student accommodation, make the EUSA Edinburgh your first port of call in Fresher’s Week. You won’t regret it!