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Dining Out in London

London offers an exciting range of eateries and dining experiences, many that you can enjoy close to where you're staying. If you choose to stay with us at Depot Point, we recommend the following:

If you’re nursing a hangover or a growling stomach, we’d recommend heading to Honest Burger (there’s one in King’s Cross, and others dotted about London), or try Mother Flipper at Kerb in King’s Cross, which is much more than just a takeaway wagon.

For a more civilised coffee date, there are a couple of great cafés around the King’s Cross area, as well as your usual Starbucks and Costa if none of the independent places tickle your fancy. Caravan serves up some of the best brunches on this side of London, and freshly roasted coffee for a little pick-me-up, all in among the oh-so-cool Scandi décor.

Green & Fortune Café in Kings Place offers a deli-style menu, with soups and sandwiches – perfect for a quick bite to eat in between studying, or as a snack to take back to your apartment.

Interested in Therese House?

Close by Barbican tube station there are plenty of delicious cafés and restaurants for you to try. Head to Tinseltown for a delicious American diner experience.

For something with a little class, try Pulpo Smithfield where you can sample a variety of small plates and delicious wine. Perfect for date night!