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Australia's Top Universities' Most Famous Alumni

Want to study at the same university as some of Australia’s most famous and influential people? Australia is lucky to be home to many world-renowned universities. With these great universities come great students, who have gone on to achieve great things! International students love studying at Australian universities for not only the great outdoors and cultural diversity, but also for the great opportunities your university can give you. Whether you want to go to university to be the founder of a major corporation or to star on the big screen like Hugh Jackman, we’ve listed our favourite celebrity alumni from Australia’s top universities!

University of Western Australia, Perth

Jo Horgan – Mecca Cosmetica

Jo Horgan is the founder of Mecca Cosmetica. A trending makeup and beauty heaven that first opened in Melbourne. The single cosmetic store has now grown to over 80 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Jo first started studying at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth! Her Bachelor of Arts was the foundation for starting her career in the beauty industry. Mecca is also consistently ranked within the top 5 best places to work in Australia. This makes it a super desirable place for uni students to work when they aren’t studying. Want more information about student jobs? We’ve done all the research for you, so don’t forget to check out our blog!

Become the leader of a leading national retail store

Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Perth

Hugh Jackman – Actor

You may recognise Hugh Jackman from many Hollywood blockbusters such as X-Men and Les Miserables, but did you know he also studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)? It is one of Australia’s most prestigious performing arts universities! They have a wide range of courses from dance, acting, backstage work, sound and lighting. If you want to excel in performing arts like Hugh Jackman, this is the place for you! Check out WAAPA’s course guide to see what you can study to get your foot in the door in the performing arts industry. And if you need a place to stay while you study, our brand-new student accommodation in Perth, The Boulevard, is now taking bookings! We are only a short commute away from WAAPA!

Attend a performing arts school like WAAPA to star in a Hollywood blockbuster!

University of New South Wales, Sydney

Tim Fung – Founder of Airtasker

Have you ever used that app Airtasker? If you haven’t heard of it, welcome to the future. Airtasker is an app that lets you advertise and apply for odd jobs. It’s a perfect way for students to earn some extra cash. Tim Fung is the co-creator of Airtasker and studied at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney! Graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Business, he notes that UNSW helped foster his innovation and entrepreneurship to get involved in the ‘gig economy’. He still remains in contact with the business school and often returns to mentor and give insights to students interested in expanding their entrepreneurship skills. A business degree from here can truly take you anywhere!

UNSW gave Tim Fung inspiration to make his mark in the gig economy.

University of Sydney, Sydney

Jack Manning-Bancroft – Founder of AIME

Whilst studying, 19-year-old Jack founded AIME. AIME is an Australian wide educational program that provides mentoring to Indigenous high school students and is run by university student volunteers. If that’s not enough of an achievement, he was also awarded Young Australian of the Year (NSW). Whilst studying Media and Communications at The University of Sydney, he found that there was nothing being done about the education gap between high school and university for Indigenous Australians. This inspired him to start up AIME. Want to get involved with AIME? Visit their website to find out more on how you get can get involved as a university student. Being involved in the program has proven to be a study highlight for many students!

Every university gives students the opportunity to get involved with AIME!

University of Melbourne, Melbourne

Waleed Aly – TV host and university lecturer

He may be known for his strong presence in the media as a talk show host, but Waleed is now known as one of the most influential Australians. Studying Law and Engineering at University (right opposite our brand-new student accommodation in Melbourne, University Square) led him to work in human rights and most notably, as the head of public affairs for the Islamic Council of Victoria. He also currently lectures politics at Monash University in Melbourne, so you might even end up with him as your lecturer!

Waleed did not think he’d ever make it as a TV personality!

University of Adelaide, Adelaide

Annabel Crabb – Journalist

Annabel Crabb is an Australian journalist and writer. She has been involved in many notable Australian news outlets including: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and ABC. She began her university education at the University of Adelaide, where she studied Arts and Law. During her time at university she became heavily involved in student life, even holding the position of Women’s Office in the student association. Being involved in campus life at university definitely makes the experience even more enjoyable and opens up many opportunities for students!

Annabel Crabb is definitely one of Adelaide’s most influential journalist!

Australian National University, Canberra

Jennifer Robinson – Famous lawyer

Jennifer Robinson is a well-known human rights lawyer who has worked on big cases with The New York Times and CNN. She graduated from Australian National University, which did we mention is Australia’s highest ranked university? Whilst studying, her academic achievements at university included winning a University medal in law, which is only awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic excellence. Studying at ANU gave her the opportunity to do human rights work in Indonesia as part of her studies. Going abroad during studies is a highlight for many students and is definitely something you should try get involved in!

Want to work for big name companies like Jennifer?

University of Queensland, Brisbane

Geoffrey Rush – Actor

Another well-known Australian actor is Geoffrey Rush. He is most notably known for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, but what most people don’t know is that he attended the University of Queensland and then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. On campus, he was actively involved in the drama society and made the most of every acting opportunity that came his way. Whilst finishing his degree he was scouted by Queensland Theatre Company to pursue acting. The drama studio at University of Queensland is now named after him to honour all of his achievements.

Recognise Geoffrey Rush from this award winning movie?

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