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A check-in guide at Infinity Place

Our friend Morgan at Hoolihome has a guide for students checking into Infinity Place. Check-out her list of items to remember and tips on the local area!

Infinity Place Check-In Guide

Today, I am going to provide you with a check-ins instruction at Infinity Place that can help you to get used to living in Melbourne and enjoy your stays at Infinity Place.

1. Before Check-in:


The address of Infinity Place is 145 Berkeley St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

If you are considering booking a pick-up service, you can forward the address to the drivers.

The number of the reception is +61 (0) 3 9052 3202. You can dial it if you need any help or have any questions about your booking.

Trading Hours:

Weekdays: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Weekends: 9:00am to 5:00pm


The building across the road is also a property belongs to The Student Housing company called University Square. The office hours of University Square is 8AM to 8PM every day. If checking in on a Sunday, you can choose to go to University Square and get your key first and then you can move in your new room. The number of the reception is +61 (0)3 9918 3910.

Trading Hours:

Weekdays & Weekends: 8:00am to 8:00pm

Late Night Check-ins:

If you book a red-eye flight and you will arrive early in the morning, do not panic.

The Student Housing Company will usually send you an email, providing all the information you may need for your departure. The email requires you to put down your approximate check-in time.


The Student Housing Company has RA’s to open the doors for you and you can go down to the reception the next morning to check in.

2. On Check-in:

On your arrival, you will be asked to finish some simple but important check-in processes.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

The first one is the Residential Tenancy Agreement, which is your contract with the company. Please make sure you check the length of your lease as well as your rent.

Remember to sign until you check all the information on the paper.

Condition Report

The other one is the Condition Report, which allows you to check all the appliances and conditions of your room. You will have to check everything yourself and make sure you can use all the equipment normally.

Remember to check carefully. If everything is fine, you can sign your signature. If you find anything wrong, you can talk to the receptionists. Usually, there will not be any problems, because the company will check everything after the previous tenant check out.

Notice to Vacate

You also need to sign a document called Notice to Vacate. It is a legal document from the government, and you have to sign it when you finish reading.

Bond RTBA - Residential Tenancies Bond Authority

All the legitimate rental companies put the bonds of the tenants in an institution called RTBA, which stands for Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.

Normally, you will need to go to the banks in person and write the checks yourselves. However, The Student Housing Company is very considerate and can help you with the process.

In this case, all you need to do is to transfer your bond (four-week rent) to the account of The Student Housing Company through online payment or international transaction. Afterwards, you can wait for the confirmation email from the company patiently.

3. After Check-in

After checking in, you will receive three keys from the company. They are your fob, your mailbox key and the key to your drawer. For students who will move into studios or a one bed apartment, you will only get the fob and the mailbox key, because you do not have to share the kitchen and all the common areas with other students.

Door Key

Do not forget your fob! When you check in, the stuffs will tell you how much you will be charged if you lose yours ($30/fob).


The mailbox is located at the ground floor. You can get access to your letters using your own mailbox key and you can enjoy the Post and Parcel service from the reception so that you will not miss any parcels.

The company will take care of the electricity and the water bill as well as providing you with high-speed internet service.

The bedding kit (pillows and quilts etc.) and kitchen kit (pans and bowls etc.) can be purchased at the reception. You can see what’s included in the photo.

Bedding Kit:

Kitchen Kit:

3. What next?

You have already finished all the check-in processes and you can find your way to your own room now.

The Building

You need to use your fob to get access to the elevators.

In the elevators, there are posters promoting the events in building every week. You can follow the schedule to participate in various event and get to know students from all over the world. Use your fob to enter your room!

Your Room

Next to every door, there is a master switch for every room.

Switch on and you will be able to use the appliances like the lights and the air conditioners in your room (the fridge will not be affected by the master switch). When you leave your room, remember to turn the master switch off, because saving the electricity is everyone’s responsibility.

There are a lot of appliances in your room. If you do not know how to use them properly, it is okay. The Student Housing Company has kindly prepared Chinese Instructions for you.

I will emphasise something important. The plugs here are all three jacks and there will not be electricity running unless you switch it on.

As for the induction stove, it is similar to the plug. You need to click on the button in order to unlock the stove.

To continue, I am going to answer the most concerning question. Is it convenient to shop and take public transportation here? Don’t worry, let me tell you every aspect in details.

First of all, there are two doors at Infinity Place. We call them door A and door B for now as followed.

The address of door A is 684 Elizabeth St and the address of door B is 145 Berkeley St.

Check-in Entry Infinity Place 

When checking in, you need to enter through door B, because that will be the location of the reception.

University Square

Going out from door B, you can see the building of University Square.

Both Infinity Place and University Square belong to The Student Housing company, so you can go to the reception and the stuffs can help you to get access to both buildings. You are able to use all the facilities at University Square and participate in all the events at University Square.

Outside of door B, you can find the Law building and the Commerce building of Melbourne University, so the location is perfect.

To the southeast direction, there is a large square of the university. If tired, you can sit on the grass and enjoy the sunshine, it will make you feel a lot better.

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

I forgot to mention that there is a very famous brunch restaurant called Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters near door B.

Queen Victoria Market

Going out from door A is more convenient. There is a tram stop (Haymarket - stop 9) right next to the door, from which you can go to the city. Or you can choose to walk to Queen Victoria Market and take a tram there. There are many shops on your way to the Market and most importantly, the stop there is inside the free tram zone. As long as you are traveling within the free tram zone, you do not have to touch on your Myki and pay for the transportation fee.

Next to door A, there is a large pizza restaurant.

Keep walking for 20 meters, there are a Korean BBQ restaurant, an Asian supermarket, a barber shop and a Lanzhou noodle restaurant.

If you want to purchase more food and fruit, you can choose to go to KT Mart, which is a large Asian supermarket owned by a Korean.

You can not only the Kim Chi there, but also the Asian food products from China, Japan and Indonesia etc.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and meats are also available there, so you do not need to worry that you cannot cook a proper Asian meal. You can use WeChat Pay or Ali Pay there.

KT Mart

Right next to KT Mart is an Australian Pharmacy called Chemist Warehouse. There are all sorts of supplements products available and many of them are on sale from time to time.

The water here is slightly basic, so I get a lot of hair products to prevent hair loss.

The Pharmacies here sell not only the medication as you may imagine, but also the daily products like shampoo and skin care products. You can also get things like tampons and pads.

The Queen Victoria Market is not far away from the Chemist warehouse. In the market, you can buy fresh products like fruit, vegetables, meats and seafood.

The prices will be much cheaper than those at the supermarkets, especially from 3PM every Sunday. That will be the time when you can see people come with their trolleys and start bargaining. Usually, a box of fruit or vegetables will cost you only one or two dollars.

Asian Grocery, Citimart

Melbourne has many Asian supermarkets. There is one right opposite the Queen Victoria Market, called “Asian Grocery Citimart. If you continue walking straight past Mcdonald’s, you will see Hometown Asian Supermarket and Guanya Supermarket. Therefore, there is no need for you to bring local seasonings from home as you will be able to buy them easily in Melbourne at reasonable prices. It is more realistic to bring a few phone cases and the screen protectors to Melbourne.

Melbourne Central, Coles & Woolworths

There are two ways to get to Melbourne Central. One way is by taking a tram from the tram stop at Queen Victoria Market, all route 19, route 59 and route 57 can take you there. Or you can simply walk there for about 5 minutes. You can the local supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths and Aldi around the same area. These supermarkets will upload their catalogues on their webpages regularly. If you are interested in any groceries,     you can look them up online first and get those that are on sale.


If you want to get daily necessities, you can go to Big W, which is located at the QV.

Or you can travel to Kmart, where you can find cheaper products.

That’s the end of the introduction of Infinity Place. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please leave us a message.

Thank you,