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9 reasons to study in Newcastle

Way up in the North East, you'll find Newcastle: the unofficial party capital of the UK, and Rough Guides’ Best Place to Visit in the World in 2018. With some of the best universities in the country and a world-class nightlife, the city is the perfect place to call home throughout your studies. Need convincing? Here's what you should know...

1. Top universities

That’s right, Newcastle has not one, but two world-class universities to choose from. Both Northumbria and Newcastle offer academic and vocational degrees. You can also benefit from great resources, especially if you want to study engineering, because Newcastle is known for leading the way when it comes to construction.

2. Amazing coastline

Did you know that Newcastle isn't too far away from the sea? That’s right: when the weather’s nice, the Quayside Seaside draws in the crowds looking to soak up the sun. So grab your sunglasses and factor-30, because the Newcastle coastline needs you.

3. The culture

All year round, there's a programme of cultural events and festivals that have people lining the streets. It has everything from Chinese New Year celebrations to food and drink festivals that make for a great day out. We recommend the ‘Hit the North’ music festival, where you can see the likes of Jungle, Circa Waves, and The Horrors for as little as £30.

4. It’s the perfect size

Newcastle is the smallest big city in the UK. So you get to experience all the charms of big-city life without losing that sense of community. This also means that you’ll be able to walk or cycle all around the city, making it easy to get from your flat to your lectures and the next late-night venue.

5. The sport

Okay, so when it comes to football, Newcastle FC are a bit of a turbulent team, but the one thing you can’t fault is the sense of pride when you head down to St James’ Park to watch them play. Even if they’re not your team, we recommend getting yourself a couple of tickets the next time they play at SJP. You won’t regret it!

6. Exhibition Park

Another tip for when the sun is out: this huge green, scenic space isn't far from Jesmond (one of Newcastle’s popular nightlife areas). You'll find everything you need for a sunny afternoon, with plenty of space to relax, and even an on-site brewery. You can easily spend most of a weekend enjoying the largest park that Newcastle has to offer.

7. Grey Street

People come from far and wide to see the famous Grey Street, one of Newcastle’s most historic. With its grand buildings and nostalgic vibe, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time when you walk down ‘The Finest Street in Britain’.

8. The skyline

Newcastle is a combo of the old and the new, and that’s most obvious when you take in the city’s skyline. With modern buildings towering above historic rooftops, you’re in for a treat when you find that perfect spot to watch the sun set over the city. We recommend heading up to the Free Trade Inn, where you can grab a pint while you look at the Tyne in all its glory.

9. The nightlife

We’ve left the best for last, because Newcastle is famous for its amazing nightlife. There's a reason why so many students choose to call the Toon home throughout their studies, and that’s because it has everything that you need to enjoy a good night out. The streets are lined with clubs and kebab shops, meaning you can have a few and then grab yourself a snack on the way home. From Floritas on a Monday to Sinners on a Saturday, you’re never too far away from a good night out.

Experience everything Newcastle has to offer

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