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Your Move-In Experience 

Excited about moving into one of our Yugo Spaces soon? There are still a few things to do before that but don't worry, we'll help you with everything that needs to be taken care of. 

Moving into the apartment  

Finally, the big day has arrived. You're about to move in. Are you excited? So are we! But we'll handle it all together. Each of our team members will try to make your move-in as smooth as possible. 

Please bring your ID or passport and proof that you have paid your deposit (a screenshot on your phone is enough for us) with you to your move-in appointment. And please remember: your paid deposit is your "ticket" to your apartment. 

Simply report to the check-in desk or the management office on your move-in day and a team member will accompany you to your new apartment. You will receive your apartment key and we will complete the move-in protocol together.  

We recommend that you check your apartment thoroughly. If you find something you are unsure about or if it is a defect (which we hope it is not), please let us know directly. We try to hand over every apartment in perfect condition, but even we can miss a defect, that is only human.  

Key in hand and move-in protocol signed? Welcome to our Yugo Community! A copy of the move-in protocol is available to each resident in the student portal a few days after moving in. 

Which basics do I need?  

Since our apartments are being rented completely furnished, you can save yourself a lot of furniture shopping. But you might still be wondering which basics you need for your arrival and the first few days in our Spaces. Here are a few tips: 

- Comforter and pillows, sheets, and covers.  

- Kitchen equipment (cutlery, pots, pans, glasses, cups)  

- hygiene items  

- towels  

You can borrow vacuum cleaners and irons in some of our Spaces, subject to availability, for a deposit. However, feel free to bring your own equipment if you have any. 


Arrived and now?  

Confirmation from the landlord  

After moving in, a few formalities are still waiting for you at the city's registration office. Part of the handover protocol for moving in is the written confirmation of the landlord that you are now living with us - the so-called "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung". This certificate must be presented to the City's Registration Office within 2 weeks. In case you did not receive a certificate or lost it, please contact the team of your Yugo Space. 

GEZ / Rundfunkbeitrag 

Usually, you will receive a letter from the ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice about the so-called broadcasting fee by mail 2-3 weeks after registering with the city. The broadcasting fee (as of January 2023: 18,36 € per month) is not included in the rent and has to be paid by every tenant themself, even if you don't own a TV or a radio.  

Your friends have also moved into our Yugo Space, and you wonder if it would be possible to share the amount for this service with your friends or neighbors? Unfortunately, this is only possible if you live in one of our shared flats. Otherwise, for all citizens over 18 years of age, one apartment = one contribution. You can fill in the letter you received by mail or register your apartment online on the website  

Where will my mail and packages be delivered? 

Each apartment also has its own mailbox. The team of your Space will take care of the mailbox signage and the posting of a resident list for the postman so that everything is ready when you move in.  

Our team will also be happy to accept your packages for you. However, you must accept the package disclaimer in the student portal. We would like to ask you to note your apartment number as well as your address on the package so that we can assign it more quickly. 

Internet and TV 

The Internet with the routers is provided by an external provider. That means you don't have to bring your own router when you move in.  The TV connection is also already available in the apartments. You will receive further information about the login and the necessary requirements for using the TV connection when you move in, as these may be slightly different depending on the Yugo Space. 

New city, new country? 

No problem, because you are now part of a community of students from many different nations. Behind every door in your new home, someone is or was in exactly the same situation and will for sure have some helpful tips and tricks for you. Just talk to someone or come to the next event in your Yugo Space to make new contacts. Everyone experiences this phase differently and we can all only benefit from the experiences of others. And if you still need help: our team is always there for you.