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Freshers are over, and you probably feel like you’re starting to settle into your new uni life, but have you noticed every student house has a certain set of characters?

But which one are you? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the six housemate personas every student accommodation has. Give them a read and follow our diagram to find out.

The Leader

You round up the troops, organise the uber and get the party started. Whether it’s a wild night on the town, or a house movie night, you’re in charge! Some may see you as bossy, but you’re really just making sure everyone gets the most out of their uni experience - where would we be without you?!

The Parent

Your bedroom door is always open and you’re around to lend an ear to whoever needs it. The first to master a Sunday roast for the flat and you never forget to take the bin out. Keeping an eye on everyone is just your nature and we love you for it.

The Clean Freak 

Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo eat your heart out! You’re neat as a pin, and have all the supplies you need for a deep clean of the flat. There will be no plates left in the sink on your watch, now who’s up for a deep clean of the flat?

The Lazy One

You’ve probably already given up reading this to go for your afternoon nap. ‘I’ll do it later’ is your favourite phrase and there’s mugs in your bedroom that could have graduated by now. There’s always tomorrow right? 

The Geek

Is your idea of fun getting started on your dissertation two years early? You came for a degree and won’t be letting anything stand in your way. You’re there to proofread your flatmates essays and share the benefits of eight hours sleep. We wouldn’t have you any other way.

The Party Animal

Freshers never stopped for you, 24/7 party person! If you aren’t already on a night out, you’re planning the next one. You get everyone in your house in the mood to go out and there’s never a dull moment with you around!

Now you know which roommate you are, find the student accommodation that’s right for you. Talk to us today.