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The gauntlet has been thrown and now it’s time to tumble

It’s time to open up that age old question and settle the debate once and for all. There’s a lot to gain. And even more to lose. It’s the biggest, most talked about, most electrifying tete-a-tete in history. So.

Let’s get ready to rumbbbbllllle.

Entering the Ring

Round 1. Food

Although many northern cities have a culinary edge, such as Liverpool, there’s still no competing with the South for interesting foodie things — such as the Cereal Killer Cafe that was recently kind of a big deal in London.

Winner: South

Round 2. Cost of living

Over quickly, no-one could dispute this round.

Winner: North

Round 3. The unis

A tough contest. The South has the Oxbridge powerhouse, Surrey, and many in London too. But universities in the North, such as Durham, York and Manchester make it difficult to call.

Winner: Draw

Round 4. Things to do

There’s stuff to do all over the country but this one is a no-brainer. The force of London comes in again on this one, along with the spirit of Bristol and energy of Brighton, to take the victory.

Winner: South

Round 5. The accents

While there are great accents everywhere, there’s an amazing amount of variety in many northern towns. And a recent poll said Brits’ favourite accents include Mancunian and Yorkshire. So it has to be this way.

Winner: North

Round 6. The brews

Yorkshire. Tea.

Winner: North

Round 7. The scenery

There’s fantastic scenery across the whole of the country, and some of the most picturesque villages are in the south.

For students though, retirement is a long time away. And some of the county’s most dramatic and impressive scenery is easy to get to when you live in the North – such as the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales.

Winner: North

Round 8. The transport

Between bus service in Cumbria and major cities quibbling over fast railways, the North’s got some issues with travel. Besides, how do you compete with the tube?

Winner: South

Round 9. The weather

Temperatures are just that little bit warmer in the South. The Met says averages are about 8 up North and 11 down south. And for this reason the region blazes to victory in this round.

Winner: South

Round 10. The banter

We’ve all been to nights out somewhere in the country. We’ve all been to friend’s houses. And we’ve all met that one person doing or saying terrible things in the name of banter – this happens all over the country so…

Winner: Neither


You might have expected it to fall this way. We have two points null, four to the North, and four to the South. So it’s a draw.

Of course, that’s how it was always going to be. That’s why we have student accommodation across the map. For you to really decide which is best you’re going to need something a little bit more.

So to find out more about student life – check out more handy posts on our blog.