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What Day-to-Day Life is Like at Yugo Student Residence

Okay, we might have gone a bit fast, but we know the financial aspect is very important to you. However, we must tell you that our residence is much more than a monthly fee with everything included; our residence is about companionship, youth, support, modernity, study, and culture.

If you want to know everything our residence in Barcelona offers, keep reading and imagine what a typical day there could be like.

A Day in Our Residence

Wednesday morning. 7:00 AM. Your phone alarm goes off and the first thing you think is that staying up late to watch the last episode of that Netflix series is going to haunt you all day. You stayed up way too late, my friend.

Your roommate has already gone to the residence gym. You swear to yourself that tomorrow you’ll join him and start getting in shape.

You take a shower and have a quick coffee in the kitchenette in your room. Mental note: buy filters and coffee.

Backpack, phone, headphones, and sunglasses. It’s a nice day in Barcelona, so you decide to take the bike parked in the residence’s bike parking… GO! You head down to the dining hall for breakfast and dive into the residence buffet: another coffee (this one decaf so you don’t get too wired), toast, juice, and some fruit. You greet several friends who ask if you’re going to German class today and remind you that there’s a ‘Minority Awareness’ group meeting on Monday. What time was that? You check the noticeboard and mention to maintenance that your tap is dripping a bit. You joke with him about the latest Barça match. The league is on fire!

Walking, you get to the Law Faculty from the University Residence in less than two Spotify songs. Classes, symposium, working on the Criminal Law assignment due at the end of the month, the cafeteria, are we going out this weekend?, call mum, buy the filter and the coffee…

You return to the residence after 5 PM. You go up to your room and... wow, it’s tidy and clean… you left it a mess, sorry! Your roommate hasn’t had a good day: he got the results of the ‘Pathological Anatomy’ exam and it didn’t go well… You talk, he explains, you explain, this guy, that girl… And you think you don’t know what you would have done without him in your first year at university in Barcelona. You made a good choice getting a double room.

Neither of you hesitated to sign up for the numerous activities the Residence offers: you tried yoga, language exchange, and football tournaments with other residences… but in the end, you attend German classes on Tuesdays and you go to the environmental group on Fridays. He’s more into getting his business idea off the ground with some fellow students from the Faculty: they spend the whole weekend in the Coworking Space! You love his entrepreneurial spirit. And the room is awesome, it feels like business and Silicon Valley at every corner, great things will come out of there.

You have a coffee with the girl from room 209 on the residence terrace. You muster up the strength, change clothes, and head to the gym. There’s always someone there! A bit of cardio and cycling while you watch the episode you left halfway through.

A quick shower and it’s time to do laundry. There, you’re invited to a plan for the weekend: beach, beers, tapas, all a metro ride away. There’s always someone in the laundry room! And everything is so close to the residence.

Another quick shower and you head down for dinner: soup and baked fish. And for dessert, two apples… if your mum could see you! You say goodbye to the gang: some will study a bit in the Study Room, others will watch a film in the Cinema Room. You prefer to go up to your room to study and listen to some music. From your room’s terrace, you can see Barcelona and planes on the horizon about to land.

You go to bed thinking that, indeed, you made the right choice moving to Barcelona and to this residence. Your first year at university in Barcelona is flying by!

Welcome to Yugo Aleu and Garbi University Residences in Barcelona.