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Under 18 Student Accommodation in Australia

So, you’re an underage student wanting to exchange in Australia. You need accommodation, but it’s not as simple as that. If you want to get your student visa to be approved, you’ll have to find a certified accommodation provider.

When it comes to foreign exchange in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs requires under 18 students to have accommodation approved by their university provider. And that’s fair enough right? Safety’s always the best policy.

In light of all this business, Yugo has made safety and security our business. And this is whether the Government wants us to or not! At Yugo, we believe safety and security are fundamental ingredients for your mental and physical wellbeing. We’ve gone the extra mile, beyond just a lock on the door.

So, calling all those underage students out there! Are you wanting (or needing) those good old safety-assured, nurturing community vibes? Well stop your searching. We’ll be your first and last port of call.


When it comes to accommodation and welfare, the Australian government has some pretty strict requirements for international students under 18 years of age. Overseas students (with a student visa) that are studying with an Australian education provider have to ensure their accommodation is government approved. So, you’re under 18 and planning on studying in Australia. What’s the next step?

If you want the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to approve your student visa application, you’ll need to find an accommodation provider that satisfies DIBP requirements. One of the main visa requirements will be that your student accommodation, support and general welfare is ensured for the duration of your stay in Australia (or at least until you turn 18).

So, time to get snappy and find a certified accommodation provider if you’re wanting that visa to go through. The first step is to make sure your accommodation and welfare arrangements are approved by the university that you’re planning to study at. Your education provider is responsible for making sure your accommodation and welfare arrangements tick all the DIBP boxes. Once that’s all been approved, your education provider will issue you a welfare letter (CAAW) form. You’re going to need proof after all.

When, and only when, your future university has given that the tick of approval, you’ll be able to submit your student visa application to the Australian Department of Immigration. When you apply for your student visa, you will have to include the following supporting documents from your education provider; 1. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and 2. Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW). You can get both of these documents from your education provider.

And if you or your parents have any concerns or need any further information about accommodation and welfare arrangements, feel free to contact your education provider. Australian education providers are responsible for helping students to access high-quality education opportunities and a safe learning environment, and are always happy to discuss options with you.


So, time for the hard part. Which accommodation provider will you choose? It’s got to be certified. It’s got to tick all the DIBP boxes. But it also has to be great accommodation, right? A place you would actually love to live in (ideally right near your uni). That’s where we come in.

Here’s a little background info on Yugo. We are a purpose-built student accommodation business. What this means is that our accommodation is specifically designed to meet all the needs that students may have. Our parent company GSA created the concept of purpose-built student accommodation. And so, being the oldest player in the sector, it’s pretty clear that we’re 100% committed to providing quality housing. Housing that meets and exceeds the expectations of government, students, and parents.

The purpose-built design of our housing is especially important when it comes to underage students. At Yugo, we’re all too aware of the need to meet the DIBP accommodation and welfare requirements for under 18 accommodation. So, in our designs we ensure that we answer all of the questions that you’re probably thinking, and meet every need that an underage student could have. The result? Yugo is an approved student accommodation provider for under 18 students. To make sure you’re part of a safe a nurturing community all of Yugo properties have:

Ultimately, it’s our goal to make sure we provide a safe learning environment for all of our students. Our accommodation has all the fundamental, but 100% necessary, DIBP safety measures. But we also know there’s more to safety than just physical security. So, we’ve gone that extra mile to make sure our accommodation delivers a safe and secure environment for not just your physical but also your emotional wellbeing. Our accommodation has an entire student community network designed to support under 18’s living out of home.

We also have an in-house 'Live Your Best Life' Program. This program is geared towards giving students a framework of information, guidance and opportunities to:
a. assist with any challenges they face
b. provide students with a community of belonging, and
c. help students thrive during their exchange experience.


At the moment our accommodation (with the government stamp of approval) is based in Melbourne and Perth. And not wanting to brag, but we’re in some pretty prime locations, smack bang in heart of the city, right around the corner from your aspiring universities of choice. Our student housing in Melbourne is right across the road from Melbourne University, while our Perth student accommodation is located in the cultural hub of Northbridge. Apartment rent is all-inclusive, plus we’ve got some great communal spaces for you and your future crew to hang out. We’re also bent on making sure you get exceptional customer service and support from staff. After all, your wellbeing means happy tenants. And happy tenants mean a happy home for all!

We want you and your parents to have plenty of peace of mind with our unique, purpose-built approach to student accommodation and welfare. So, in light of this, Yugo is changing the student accommodation game. We’re dedicated to creating accommodation tailored to students’ safety and comfort needs. This is all on top of making sure you have amazing accommodation that’s as close as possible to your university (without you sleeping in your classroom!).

As a special mention to those students planning to study in Australia (in the near or far future), Yugo is in the process of building standout accommodation in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. So ‘watch this space’ because the future exchange student in you might be able to settle down in one of these great study locations.

If you’re looking for accommodation that will provide you with visa certification, a strong supportive community, and a prime location… rest assured, we’ve got you covered. For those students and/or parents looking for accommodation, or simply a little more information feel free to contact us.

Give us a call: Melbourne Tel: +61 (0)3 9918 3910 & Perth Tel: +61 (0)8 6168 2454