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Treating Students as Consumers

Last month Bob (CEO of The Student Housing Company and the man who reads all of your suggestions!) and I went to a fascinating event entitled ‘The student as a consumer?’ held by the Westminster Education Forum. As the issue of university fees continues to rage and students are investing increasing amounts in their education, we firmly believe that treating students as respected customers is ever more important, so the seminar really caught our eye.

The event’s content backed up our approach up and we were particularly impressed with the speakers from the NUS and Loughborough SU who made very powerful and eloquent points.

Debates such as these only serve to show how ready the whole student services sector needs to be in preparing for change. It won’t surprise you to hear that we feel our company is particularly pioneering in the level of service we offer and how we strive to treat the students who live with us as valued consumers.

However, there’s always more you can do so it was great to come away inspired and having furthered our relationships with lots of UK institutions.