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Top 5 Weekend Trips For Students In Germany

All work and no play can make your university experience extremely dull… Yes, even in Germany!

For many international students here in Germany, studying abroad is the perfect chance to travel and explore this diverse and exciting country. So listen up if you are hoping to see more of Germany without compromising on your education; we’ve scoured the map and pinpointed five towns and cities that you need to visit while you’re here… Road trip, anyone?

1. Heidelberg

ravel from Darmstadt (Uninest: Elementum)

An easy one-hour train ride south of Darmstadt, Heidelberg is an old university town on Neckar River. It’s widely regarded as one of Europe’s most romantic destinations thanks to its riverside location, as well as its many charming bridges and old ruins.

With Heidelberg practically on your doorstep, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy pleasant weather – this town is known for its warm climate, which makes al fresco-dining a distinct novelty year-round. Heidelberg is pedestrian-friendly and easy to navigate around on foot, so you can save on transportation while you’re there.

2. Bremen

Travel from Hamburg (Uninest: Navale)

There’s no shortage of beautiful places to visit around Hamburg, but our top pick has to be Bremen, a Hanseatic city that’s situated only about an hour away by train.

Whether you choose to admire the Renaissance town hall that was built in the Gothic style in the early 15th century, or take a stroll through Schnoor (a maze of small streets lined with charming 15th- and 16th-century houses), Bremen will transport you back in time to somewhere far, far away… Whatever you do, just don’t leave without rubbing the donkey’s legs on the Bremen Town Musicians statue – it’s believed to bring you good luck!

3. Hanau

Travel from Frankfurt (Uninest: Alvarium and Urbanum)

From a city that looks as if it’s been plucked out of a fairy tale to another town where the magic was born – literally. Hanau was the boyhood home of the Brothers Grimm, creators of many famous fairy tales. The town’s connection to these literary figures is celebrated daily between May and July each year with the Brothers Grimm Festival. If you fancy yourself as a die-hard Disney fan, this is the place to be!

This historic town is only 20km east of Frankfurt and less than 20 minutes away if you opt to take the public transportation, which, as a student, we suspect you might!

4. Meissen

You might be thinking “Where is Meissen?” and you’d be forgiven for that! We’re aware that Meissen isn’t the most well-known destination amongst student travellers, but it might just be the best Saxon city you’ve never heard of!

Commonly known as the ‘cradle of Saxony’, Meissen is the ideal choice for busy students with hectic university lives. This scenic city has a laid-back vibe that’s perfect if you need to take a breather in-between assignments or exams. Plus, there are regular trains there every day, and they only take a little over 30 minutes, so you can easily plan a day-trip there – no need to stress over finding a hostel room!

5. Düsseldorf

Travel from Münster (Uninest: Leonis)

Travelling to Düsseldorf from Münster can take up to two-and-a-half hours, which may seem like a trek but it’s worth it when a return bus ticket costs less than €20!

In case you need some convincing, Düsseldorf has a well-to-do reputation underpinned by a chic shopping street and a revitalised harbour where you can get up-close to some architectural masterpieces. If all that sounds a little too ‘bougie’ for your liking, there’s an earthier side to Düsseldorf too: residents and tourists let their hair down and quaff in the historic Altstadt, which is home to hundreds of bars – now you’re listening, huh? But that’s not all. The Largest Fair on the Rhine (Größte Kirmes am Rhein), which takes place here every July, is second to only Oktoberfest in terms of scale – it’s a real explosion of fun. Convinced yet?

Start Exploring Today!

Many people wish to travel the world. If you’re one of the lucky few who actually get to travel overseas to study, then we suggest you make the most of the opportunity!

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students who are planning on studying abroad. If you too are hoping to pursue a higher education here, then make sure you check out all the Uninest residences we have across the country – there may be one near where you’re headed!